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Jim drum ottawa. Jimmy's in edmonton. It's busy weekend. We just had filled with nfl. Layoffs and the first ottawa senators games in what ten months. Wow great time for sports fans james. How're things Things are stevie. Yeah things are okay you know. I started with a tried to watch some hockey which i did started. I guess it started last wednesday the hockey and there's so many freaking game on raw love it but i kind of like i use the flip on the score up. That's the one. I used to check out what games are coming up right and and i'm just getting my head around because here's here's what i've done go. Oh yeah so. Evans playing vancouver. This must be. This must be yesterday's because they played already. So may i'm just getting used to all these teams playing back to back games. You know with the obviously the same teams so happen here as well. Ottawa taking on toronto for two games. And i was thinking about. That's again at it. Further galvanized my feel of yes. More divisional play you know. They've expanded this year. Normally they play divisional teams four times. Maybe five this year. It's nine in ten games. You play divisional. And that's your season. That's gonna be it but moving forward as i was sort of between games yesterday between Sends lease games as thinking to myself normally after a very good game friday night we'd be getting ready for a visit by t max and all the all the momentum would be lost and the rivalry between toronto and ottawa into hibernation for weeks if not months so i'm pretty jacked about the way it lays out. Yeah absolutely. I think. I think i'm gonna like it anyway so i'm well entrenched good well entrenched in the In the nhl and then of course the nfl watch. I watch both those games yesterday buses. That's my that's my sentimental favorite. And i pick them in our betting. I think you you had the rams in the first game you in that. And i think i win the buffalo game. I can't remember the second game to be honest. yeah. I had buffalo their mind street. So whenever i picked the sentimental thing that means. You're picking an underdog sentimental is just another way of saying they're going to lose. Okay that's that's half..

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