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Cheese Kony's made to order feeling good. It's skyline time. Four minutes on this topic. Athletes turned actors who are some of the best all in light of game of thrones tonight with Aaron Rodgers apparently doing a little cameo. Billy is in Lexington. Bill you go right ahead. All right. Billy. Your show every weekend get music. Thank you Bill up. He was on a basketball scholarship. I think you mentioned that. That's exactly right. He had a scholarship to Southern Cal. You're exactly right. Which kind of goes along with your Rick, Fox G Q, Reggie Theus. The only six nine guard in the I never seen a taller guards. Reggie Theus one. Oh my goodness. Yeah. But sell. Yes. Celik thanks with phone. Call Selleck was on the dating game. I think that's how he got his first crack at it. I think the drama coach at Southern Cal. Hey, you may want to try you just may want to try acting. And boy what a great a piece of advice. That was Jason is in Springfield. Jason you go right ahead. All right. Jason. Hecker mother's day to all the mothers out there. Absolutely. Okay. Now. Hockey player. He made cameo in dumb and dumber. Cam nealy. Yeah. See bass nealy. Oh my gosh. I'd forgotten about that that was helpful areas. Full shaker the back. That was a great that was that was a great cameo. There's no thank you for bringing that back money. All right. We one more one more here. Here's Allen in Cincinnati. Ellen you go right ahead. Well, Alamos passed away. It's eleven thirty. It's time for the news. After the news football your Cincinnati Bengals. Did they do the right thing in the off season? And are they going to be competitive? The man said seven hundred wwl w. News, traffic and weather. News Radio seven hundred w ELL Cincinnati. Looking to hear from Muller himself. But that's not a guarantee with the eleven thirty report. I'm Jack crumley breaking now special counsel, Robert Muller is still.

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