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That Thursday evening and so that gives bears fans something to be excited about denture base and has been a a very solid contributor whenever he's been out of the field and you know he he he goes back to the days with that John fox brought him over after being very familiar with Brian during his days with him in Denver so much of a thin it when he's on the field he is a playmaker years old still lots of football left them and feel free to find a couple six rounders like Danny Trevathan fund goes in the fourth round and all your lower rounds if if you get a couple players like that right facial do you'll be doing well for yourself he's Brian Hanley I'm Jeff Miller three one two three three two three seven seven six if you'd like to talk about NFL free agency what the bears should do at the quarterback position or just in general but how you're filling the void these days without the sports to watch right now though let's head out to talk with Arthur Arkush of pro football weekly and I ask him Hey Arthur what's going on man what do you think about the bears moved to a lack of Danny Trevathan yeah I thought good morning because it's going to be on with you hope everyone's well I thought it was a good movie eyes as it was the money maybe surprised me just a little bit I thought maybe closer to I thought if I get a Max out at about ten million guaranteed but given that you said the availability questions but I thought it was a good decision because after you release parts of the car a couple weeks ago really establish veteran leader in our locker room and experience starter I think that the credit on the prospect of having to move out of your basement to was pretty daunting you know that's a young group huge voice you'd be creating both on the field in a locker south I think it's great to have him back I do agree that he should still have plenty of you know of tread left on the tires on there without injury last year nothing with that lower body that should really affected speed and explosion which is still his hallmark and in again yeah he's a really an influential player around Halas hall in addition to what he brings on the field south good to have him back but there's no doubt you know they don't have a ton of of wiggle room here financially so it'll be interesting to see whether there is a a domino effect here we're still not quite sure about Leonard Floyd in the thirty million dollar price tag and obviously there's still a lot of questions that what they do at the quarterback position which is that the biggest issue facing them this offseason so how are you reading the QB position Arthur because Ryan pace you know seemingly was selling Mitch again and and and basically sound like they're sticking with them but now again smoke as stern as structurally starting to rise here with the idea of Derek Carr or Nick Foles or whomever it may be to come in and at least compete for that job which what which scenario you find at this point yeah I think that's still the most realistic been Ario hearing aids unaffordable free agent that doesn't cost them draft capital someone like Marcus Mariota or case Keenum Andy Dalton depending on what they can work out with the Bengals he's not free right now but I have about as much of a chance of earning seventeen million dollars well you know they got to do something radically drafting job or other stuff that than having him there at least at that price tag so those are kind I I get the order hike if you think pointing out I do think folding car are kind of your you know that they're they're sort of dream scenario in this off season for the bears possible yeah very unlikely to happen it would take a really creative trade to get that pulled out of Jacksonville and even if Oakland is all in on on someone like you know like short of love we we saw reports of the athletic last night what do you got a quarterback potentially with one of their first round or if they still have the bears ticket nineteen it remains to be seen whether they want to plug him in right away or potentially hold on to power its contract not awful it's so bizarre because as the Oakland you know seemingly has fallen out of love with Derek Carr he played pretty well last year that he was their problem at all had career numbers pretty much across the board south it might just be kind of he and a and Jon Gruden struggle to kind of you know quite nice to get along together so I would like their car yeah I really would but if you make a move like that you know selling Mitch Trubisky that you're not doing that anymore so it's going to be fascinating but I just wondered I wouldn't make too much of what we've heard publicly in the in the two opportunities we've had a chance to chat with Ryan pace Mitch Trubisky we'll know soon obviously by their actions what they really feel about what are the conditions that is the voice of Arthur Arkush you can read him I'm pro football weekly does a great job covering the bears and the entire NFL I'll let me correct myself too as they give out the terms that hit Danny Trevathan contract actually said it was a four year deal I was looking at his previous contract with the bears I thought I had a run but I didn't I was reading from Google silly me so that way today than actually signed a three year deal which could be worth a maximum of twenty four million so obviously when you're less but similar money for the first time he signed with the bears our third does survey things signing seal the fate of net quick kowski here in Chicago I gather there there's there's no doubt about that because he's gonna probably get the last second third highest inside linebacker contract in free agency behind Corey little thin AT Christian Kirksey it's probably gonna push upward of like nine to ten million annually great for him I mean just an awesome story I cannot tell you how many of us it I know I did but I was not alone were actually wondering whether because you're gonna make the final fifty three last summer I did yeah I know it sounds nuts it you know it's been a really good special teamer in that you know a a passable kinda injury felon unfortunately had that kind of work in that role too often with your day to day issues but the stripes he may lack these and I used a probably one of the more improved player anywhere in the league much less time with their style he has earned the right to cash and he is going to I don't know that the team that signed him and get the real thrilled about it a couple years from now because I think you still have a little bit border shell but yeah he's not coming back here and the you know the upshot is that this is the best number to the obvious that it's just that you know snap their ten year drought of no compensatory picks them it's pretty funny if you think about just the similarities of Adrian a method and a quick copy and now they're gonna have a chance that you know started you streak with these topics by letting click out the lock in in re signing your date themselves we'll see where he lands I think the Packers are definitely in play I know that for sure the Philadelphia Eagles I'm pretty sure in play a couple other teams is well will be and I'm not a quick copy ability where it ends up but yeah they're gonna have to basically say thank you for your for your contributions than that about the law also we were talking about earlier and and you alluded to it okay so they have roughly twenty two and a half twenty three million dollars in free agent money to spend about twenty three or twenty two point seven less than the average in the we get this point now the CBA gets a pass tonight by the Players Association doubt that the cap will go up but it will go up for everyone so percentage wise are probably they'll be looking the same kind of money how do you allocate that if you're Ryan pace the young quarterback I I simply going to draft a tight end you gonna sign one as well arm I think they could sign someone else I don't think they're going to be real strong players for an off the record you just gonna get silly money and we saw one hundred get tagged by the Chargers after that so that that really make that offer new birth Arianna fight at the prime of their career who are are really going to reset the market the bears are the team that's gonna be able to do that maybe a lower tier guy someone like us I retire after give just one name that's been thrown out obvious that the laser or cultures here now it would be a dice roll of course because of Eifert injury history as well but I I remember they they signed to major keris already they do like him the former chief who had a lot of experience the bat thank you system was cut by the Browns with smart decision because the aid that won't affect the story formula next year in B. you can experience he's got some production which they were obviously lacking it bought last year so maybe a lower tier free agent I do expect them to draft one I think call come back in the second round could make sense if it aligns and then they're going to need some online help certainly that was the the biggest stock disappointed on this team outside image last year they need to right guard whether they decide they want to try and sign autographs one will be but I would expect authenticity to focus now I mean it just poured more money into this the fact that got by far the most expensive linebacking corps in the league they've got one of the most expensive secondaries in the league I mean just follow the money at all and he finds out they got to do something a quarterback and then as you mentioned yeah they got a upgrade tied on and off on line they still need speed at wide receiver but this is a terrific track to find that stuff wouldn't bite me all day wait until a lot later on next month we print them trying to draft some kind of skill speed and how they can ask about Arthur as we let you go Brian are going to tackle the NFL CBA in the vote coming down tonight what is your anticipation of what the vote will lead us to and just your thoughts on the idea of the owners imposing a ten year deal I'm glad that I made right yeah it's I'll tell you what every time I talk about the TV every time I read or hear about the P. D. F. like Anne shower after work yeah it just it does leave the bad feeling for me I feel like the players again posed here again you know this urgency to get it done a year early seven o'clock and turn around and re negotiate new TV contract is that it doesn't sit well with me are are there new games in this in this proposed deal for the player well yeah certainly but with an extra game they're being asked to play again Hey in just I don't know not enough game there's no changes to the franchise tag or you look you weight scale anything like that even the disciplinary process with Roger Goodell you still going to have the final word even with all of the the black eyes as well because the door over the past decade a lot of it is amazing to me but left when it's billionaires versus millionaires than in the billionaire's can't afford a work stoppage because their their you know their their maximum earning power so short it's pretty hard to find a perfect deal so I expected to get to get passed and and then you know they're locked in for ten years as the fleet continues to just start to explode south those are my feelings on it but I do expect it to get done I'm sure it's going to be close but it's hard to think that one I'll leave you back later great breakdown Arthur we appreciate it we will be reading at pro football weekly and following on Twitter at Arthur Arkush thanks man yeah everybody got together we got that yet you thank you do the same as well we will let you hear what the bears best playmaker thinks of the new CBA next ESPN one thousand Chicago's home for sports when the bears drafted Stan Thomas Thomas the offense of linemen first round pick right after the Super Bowl Wilber Marshall talking eighty six draft with what you're asking but I'm just saying I'm giving you I was born in eighty five so I don't know what I'm saying we have that dedicated to memory cap thank you miss something what makes a thank let me let me see it was for caskets out yeah.

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