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The president's remarks will run no longer than eight minutes, according to the White House. Mr. Trump's expected to address the partial shutdown the border crisis and the deadline for federal workers paychecks CBS news correspondent, Ed O'Keefe. With more the president now wants to give a primetime addresses. He's capable of doing is president from the Oval Office and Democrats will have to come up with a way to respond to that. Which means the political posturings probably going to continue through at least Wednesday morning when congress gets back to town. And maybe then at some point we'll start to see them do things and Democrats say they should be given equal airtime. Number two, ranked Clemson takes the top spot from Alabama at the college football national championship in Santa Clara, California are Steve Futterman. Is there Alabama Andrew the game as the defending champion? And the favorite in the game. But on this night, it was virtually all Clemson Tigers jumped out to an early seven nothing lead. They trailed briefly only once sixteen fourteen early in the second quarter. But after that Clemson scored thirty straight points to make this a wipeout actor Kevin Spacey made his first appearance in a Massachusetts courtroom. The Oscar winners accused of groping a young man at a bar on then tuck it two years ago. CBS Jerry Duncan says he pleaded not guilty face. These attorney is due back in court in March with Spacey does not have to appear at that hearing. If convicted Spacey could face up to five years behind bars more than a dozen years after she was charged with murder. The woman who says she was a sixteen year old sex trafficking victim when she killed a man is no longer under a life sentence. Correspondent Mark Strassmann sin. Toya Brown killed Gianni Allen inside his house in two thousand four hours after the forty three year old real estate agent bought her off. Off the street for a hundred fifty dollars. Brown was sixteen a victim of human trafficking by a pimp named cutthroat. She claimed self defense that Allen was reaching for his gun. But prosecutors convinced a jury her real motive was robbery Brown got life behind bars and eventually support from celebrities like snoop Dogg and Kim Kardashian west demanding her release with tax season approaching the IRS says it won't let this shutdown stop refunds from going out. The agency is announced that income tax season will start on schedule at the end of this month. It also said refunds would be issued on time..

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