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This is Newsday. Pope Francis has called an unprecedented summit on clerical sexual abuse. All senior Roman Catholic bishops have been summoned talk about the issue of abuse within the church of young boys and vulnerable adults to Catholic cardinals have written an open letter calling for an end what they call quote, the plague of the homosexual agenda in his tina's journalists with the Roman Catholic news journal crooks in Rome is thank you for being with us on news day. What are we expecting the pope to say about this? It's yet unclear what we know is the pope is going to be delivering a very short speech as sort of an opening remarks by saving his conclusions. You saving this message for the last day of the summit that has been a common Sunday without a doubt. However, we know this is going to urge the Hendra and ninety participants of the summit to listen carefully. They are not here to talk to Leeson is probably what the pope is going to say to them today. Roy. I mean in the end what the act of calling the summit is unprecedented. And shows that the Catholic church is taking talking about it seriously at the very least did anything actually gonna result. Paul from warm words, though. It's it's very hard to tell at this point if nothing else Francis. He told us that he's expectation is to guarantee that no Bishop around the world after this meeting. We'll have the excuse or the leader to say, well, I didn't know what to do. When an allegation came to me. I know it's hard to believe for us or in western countries in the United States in England in Australia that there still people who claim they don't know how draft, but it is. In fact, a reality for Bernstein's bishops in Syria in Cedros Republican Iraq that had been trying to survive generally, focus on anything else. Now, I know that some survivors of sexual abuse in the church participating in the event today. Do we know exactly what they're going to do? Yes. We know that five of them five survivors, including lien on Carlos Chris is being in many ways, a leading voice when it comes to demanding Vatican take action and not just deliver nice wars are going to be delivering a message to the participants through a video. So we have five survivors stuck in video. And then they're going to be several survivors participating in different prayer moments throughout the week. I mean the weekend call it a weekend. I'm wants to they want the church to do. I mean, the only dear of. Taking it seriously making sure the bishops understand what they're supposed to do in these circumstances. Yes out imagine that people being campaigning about these years decades, in some cases, what more action than that. Yeah. I mean when it comes to what survivors for the Vatican to do. It depends a little bit. On where do you come from a survivor, but all of them agree on a few things, including Sura tolerance by that. I mean, a priest is found guilty of sexually abusing a minor. Or then he sowed no questions asked on their hands for tolerance when it comes to accountability. And by that I mean, it's Bishop is found guilty to hang on. Wrongfully when he first heard if an allegation, and that Bishop is out to an and the are hand, what survivors want is for the Catholic church to present a long term solution with a calendar with a plan and a plan that has to be percents today is not yesterday progress as one of the survivors from Spain. Told me on while yesterday. If they had acted when he first heard about the the originals allegations in nineteen Eighty-four in Orlando. And he's case could have been prevented as he was abused by a priest in nineteen ninety eight I feel sure the pope Francis wants to be the pope that makes a real difference in this area. Perhaps the next couple of days will allow us to judge. Whether he's going to be a legacy that he wishes to have you. Yeah. And in this case specific question. I want to go to what on Carlos Cruz is derived from Chile told us yesterday, he's been working closely with radical, and despite being very critical of on the bishops in these country, for instance, as he sold us Sarah time so Francis is committed to fixing this issue towards solving the station protecting children, the problem is he. He needs for the bishops to listen to what he's saying actually follow through with what he's demanding. And that is the children are. As a priority for the Catholic church globally in his thank you very much. Indeed for that. That's an innocent Martine who's a journalist for the Roman Catholic journal crooks. And of course, we'll have much more on this over the next few days here on the BBC. You're listening to news. They'd shaima Andrew with you this morning. A lot more stories to come including we'll speak to Newsday's Bala Masaru in Nigeria as the country prepares for the polls. The polls, of course that were postponed from last weekend to this weekend. We'll get the latest on that and other stories as well. And of course, the latest world news all of that coming up stay with us. Distribution of the BBC World Service in the US is supported by Kronos, offering cloud based workforce management solutions designed to help organizations.

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