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Everybody's on everybody's have, but what was impressive about me that I saw Baker Mayfield, Alex throw for two hundred yards and basically half football. I know a guy in his last eight or ten games important quarter. Let me get up beating. You've been talking for a long, Noah guy that's a quarterback over team in the NFL the most popular team in all the sports, their quarterback in poor court of the football in eight of his last ten games hasn't reached this number that Baker did and a half I call this, isn't that the team you think is going to annihilate. We're gonna talk about that. People home can talking about the Dallas Cowboys quarterback most valuable team in the world. Four point, two billion and my Cowboys skin. The cat and very differently than Baker Mayfield does because bakers going to fling it, but he's also going, he's got underrated escape ability. You can get out of trouble in the pocket. He can't run it down the field four eight forty. So we can't run with tyrod, but he can escape. So it's hard to game plan against him because you think you got him. You think you got him. He slips out and he throws one on the run for a big game, but also a lot of things on the other team have to go wrong. But when you get fam- darnold and Baker Mayfield because he did a good job of taking care of the ball in the first half those interceptions that I, I don't know. I don't. You tell me what he felt skilled because I have no idea in. This is why you have to be careful anointing. Someone we saw him against Detroit. Oh goodness, you're what about those hobble pick and that touchdown that Matthew Stafford gave up. So we have to whatever you're about Sam darnold pro day in..

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