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The six o'clock six pack with Steve man. Newsradio six ten WTVN. We're only into the second day of twenty nineteen. Deflore dropping left and rights. Earlier today, we lost mean Jean Oakland wrestling plans, you know, who means gene was right? I used to watch the Awa the American wrestling association back in Minnesota. Run by legendary Vern ganja. And mean, gene, Oakland was one of the guys that did the interviews with the wrestlers and stuff and he got himself into a tag team match with none other than hulk HOGAN, and I can't remember who they took on was like the iron Sheik and big John Stott or something saw that thing at the met center place was sold out to the max. And of course, the hulk stir grabs me, gene and throws him on whoever to get the closing pin? So mean, Jean Oakland has passed away. Also super Dave Osborne has died. I super Dave is no longer super. I I saw listed as his real name. No, that's sad. Because he was great on curb your enthusiasm a regular. He was a regular star on curb your enthusiasm and the article that I saw referenced him on there. And I it said is real name. But I just know him what did he pass away from? I just saw that. He was not that old. No, I don't think. So I think early seventies. I think he was seventy three. And then Daryl dragon has passed away. Now for those of you who don't know who Daryl dragon is. I mean, come on. Where were you in the seventies? Daryl dragon is a pretty pretty cool name, right? And Darryl was responsible for some flame throwing numbers. Do we have one of those cued up and ready to go? Not quite yet. Darryl.

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