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Unfortunately, we're gonna do in all these trials take place and the public starts to see, but nobody's being charged with insurrection. It won't even be mentioned in any of the cases. Nothing like that. So suddenly there Cheney. Look, I think it's dangerous. I think that that we have to recognize how you wanna play a little clip because everyone just goes off. But she's talking about questioning an election. You can't question the legitimacy of an election. Now I checked and Hillary Clinton spent four years about 50,000. Times said the election was stolen in 2016. You can just just Google that Hillary Clinton election stolen and you'll see thousands of interviews for she details how the election was stolen. It wasn't legitimate. Trump wasn't legitimately like Was anybody bothered by that? Did these same Sunday shows say anything about that. No, That's right. That zit was different. Well, it was stolen because he was a Russian agent. Remember Russia tampered with the election? Oh, yeah, which is a wackier conspiracy theory. To say that some of the Democratic election officials might miss counted the ballots or to say Russia tampered with our elections, which is sounds like a wackier conspiracy theory anyway. Liz Cheney yesterday Dick Cheney must be At home, watching this stunned after all these same people try toe calling the biggest crook and remember, they tried to put Cheney in jail all the time. First for Halliburton, then for a scooter Libby. They had a special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, after Cheney members trying to put Cheney and now the Cheney name is the gold standard for honest head. Sincerity in Washington. Dick Cheney was love nice. But we thank all of you Sunday host for making Dick Cheney feel great that you're praising his family so much anyway. Hey, check out the Web page. Here's an example. What I'm talking about. Watch this. You know, Joe Biden lied about Trump and Charlottesville. Trump never said there's good people on the Nazi side you can see on this. We have all the Transcripts and quotes up here, But take a look at the video where a reporter says, you know you're lying about this. It's not true. It watch Biden loses temper What's by blow, but the reporter and then You know, Fred Armisen is what may be the greatest Impressionist. This guy's a brilliant Impressionist. Can you do in New York accent? Well, I didn't know this. There's like 10 different New York accents. Watch Fred Armisen sure you the 10 different.

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