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Today. The decision to open the. Investigation. Accusations come from two women in two thousand ten but the matter was dropped in two thousand seventeen because Assange had spent years holed up inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London will now that he's out and serving time in a UK prison for skipping bail Swedish leaders want Assange extradited to Sweden wants his year long sentence has completed some are not a fan of the fact that former Indiana congressman Todd Ricky is being considered as a new board member at Amtrak. The rail Passengers Association oppose the nomination saying rookie voted to eliminate public funding for Amtrak in two thousand fifteen and twenty seventeen Indiana is suing twenty generic drug makers, accusing them a price-fixing. Eric Berman all that six states have joined the lawsuit filed in federal court in Connecticut. The suit accuses twenty companies and fifteen executives of rigging bids and divvying up territory to drive up prices and more than one hundred generic drugs. It's a follow up to a forty six eight suit filed three years ago and still pending Eric Berman Ninety-three WIBC, but will. Coming up a museum for a legendary who's your author needs your help wishes. Julia dang reports next on ninety three WIBC coming up on Tony cats today. We're scheduled to talk to the tactical. Rabbi check that out in three minutes. The Kurt Vonnegut museum and library has hit a snag in fun. Finding a permanent place location. We found the exact right building for the museum and library. It's on the corner of Martin Luther King and Indiana avenue. A museum board member says the current bonnet museum and library had ninety days to raise the one point five million needed to secure their dream home. Now with just days left there about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars short. We have to have the money by Wednesday at midnight. So we're we got three days left, essentially, Kip says they don't have a backup location wishes wish TV's. Julia dang reporting. You hear a lot about dysfunction among your lawmakers in Washington. Congressman Joe Greg Pence of the sixth district says that's something that he tries to steer clear out. Rama is what you what you hear about the most? We have our head down. The freshman congressman said he wanted to sit on this. He wanted to sit on the transportation, infrastructure and foreign affairs committees. Because those committees are the most bipartisan and are able to get more things done than other committees, hunting and fishing license fees. Don't seem to be cutting it as far as funding goes for the DNR's division of fish and wildlife. That's why Indiana sportsman's roundtable president Jean Hopkins says they have an idea to fix it. In the last session. We tried to introduce a Bill called the outdoor stewardship act which would be focused toward getting some different funding for the division of fish and wildlife. He says that funding would come from moving around tax money without raising taxes and steer towards fish and wildlife conservation, you already pay tax on hunting, bows, and firearms that goes towards conservation. Their Bill would expand that list to include other items that hunters and fishermen use Doris day has died. She began her career in show business in the forty. As as big bane band singer. She then took her talents to Hollywood where she started several movies like calamity Jane in nineteen fifty.

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