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Four, last one, we're gonna do winners and losers of the trade deadline. We have already done three. We've been going at this basically for two and a half hours. We're gonna try to keep this less than an hour. Big wows is still here. Comments till their KFC is still here. Rob Mahoney has rejoined us. He floated around. He went to another ringer cocktail podcast party. The real ones, the real ones had him over for some for some champagne and some crab and some lobster and now he's back with us. It's been an eventful afternoon, but I can still fit into my cocktail dress. So we're killing it. We're keeping it going. Rob, we were talking at the last part of part three about, do we like where the league is right now with this stuff? We were calling it the merry go round era. Because was correct it made the point. Clear empowerment era is actually kind of a misnomer for some of the stuff that's going on. It's a little different. It's more like the people bouncing around era. But ultimately, do we like this? Because the key point is we were saying how Memphis Cleveland Phoenix Golden State or the teams, everyone is gravitated to this year as oh, I like these teams. And there's either distrust or antipathy or dissatisfaction or whatever with a lot of the kind of created in a Petri dish teams. Is this sustainable for the league and can they fix it? I think it's sustainable just because you have the contrast, right? You do have these cases. But then you also have some more homegrown type teams. At least homegrown type superstars and guys like Giannis, for example, who can give you a counterpoint. Even if someone like Devin Booker, who is toiled through the bad years of the sons and emerged on the other side, that's an important kind of face to have in contrast to this stuff. But I think it makes for interesting stories. I think there's something it's a little Shakespearean about giving someone like James.

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