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We're not really like mix, I guess depending perspective is like, you know, strict parents, I wanted to go into Stanford, whatever maybe. No, I generally, and I guess that's how I am too. I was like, well, not bad, but yeah, definitely be better. It was very very you know, always small celebrations to celebrate. But I was more focused on so trucks next occurs. Oh, yeah. That's what keeps pushing you. But like you're never happy. Dow, it's constantly China like balance that and untrained some parts of your brain. I know I don't know how you do that. Do you have like techniques? Dude. I mean we've been meditating or, you know, actually have been meditating for a long time, too. Big thing, you know, it was it was weird because I'll probably meant him for, like, maybe eight years or so on a I started, as like not really that. As as promoted or as known. So I felt doing like little weirdo shit. You know what I mean? He didn't. I didn't know anyone else out there doing it by new I needed to like we group on either really keep my head straight and experimented a little bit like that. And it's been you do every day every day in the morning. First thing in the morning about twenty minutes. Twenty minutes every, you know, I missed one hung over after Sunday night party on Monday morning difference. But if you miss one and use it kind of like missing a workout, like you just feel kind of shitty or no. You know that day my maybe feel a little bit. But I think it's more of a mistake like you miss a workout. You don't instantly feel like you know, but if you know build. Yeah, but when I was first starting, and as you you're on for three months, and then you take a month off, then you really start. I really wanted to notice, then that's crazy. I need to get into it. I, I believe in it so much. And I have read so much about it. I literally just have not. Worked at into my routine issue, such a habit thing that one is it's, it's hard. Yeah. Know that's a real too hard, habit versus like as a habit. Like you can do something that we can be good and get benefits, but that one the it feels a little bit more like eat no-doubt because good. Yeah. But I'm sure it's like, you know, seven times a week is more than seven times as good like terms, you know what I mean? Once a month. It's better than working out none, but, but still, yes, not quite going to get to you that level of fitness health that you, you really want to be. Yeah. No, you're right. I really got. I just literally last night. I put it in my calendar. I just put in my every week day at a time so that I'll just get an alert at least ten minutes so so getting into SEO was like. So it was like, cool, I I'm going to college. I'm going to college, but it wasn't there wasn't like a big celebration or anything. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Fair. And what did you go fucking pay for this now? This is good. But, you know. Tonight is student loans. I got okay scholarships but it's still real expensive. So, you know, by chance when my dad, you know, was a hustler we always had a job always working, you know, side-hustle always trying to do something else, and then in high school, he was able to have know, his biggest, you know, deal outside of his main job, and pretty much with that with magically, gifted cash, which was my college education, so not only do they get me to America. But they, you know, it's a very much viewed as they viewed as their responsibility to pay for whatever education I needed to get and they did their job to fucking awesome in. And so from there was, you know, my responsibility to take it from there. What grade people man. What did you major in, you know, as funny, I was I was actually going to be into entre poonam program with these guys actually going to do it and could have been a partner in five four. Could see, for the third partner, what ended up feels like that was in two thousand that, you know, the our senior year started in the year two thousand but that was when the dot com kind of internet boom was really going crazy. You're just seeing so many crazy stories so many.

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