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Give them a call for details. Traffic and weather on the AIDS back to Jack Taylor in the traffic center. All right, everybody's on scene in Howard County. Now 95 South bound out Bridge the ramp to go east on route 100 ramps blocked a vehicle overturned a lot of medical equipment on scene. Mainline though not affected, So your travel lanes are open. Just a slight delay for those trying to make that exit. You'll find you're in good shape otherwise between the bell weighs on 95 the B W Parkway to 70 Not bad going out of Frederick all the way to the lane Divide should find now. Nothing in your way out of Rockville. We'd headlights solid red, the intersection of 28 of Baltimore Road. Police reportedly on scene. Still doing the directing? I think you've got repair crews on scene. Hopefully effecting repairs that scene Now we'd earlier had a crash still slow. Suitland Parkway Forestville Road, please follow direction down. There are issue with the Overturned box truck is in Virginia in rest in this is the toll road West found Arrested Parkway exit 12 on the left lanes getting by the on and off ramps to rest in Parkway also blocked You're in good shape. 66 out of Gainesville. Ease toward Roslyn 90 five's good to go out of Stafford headed towards Springfield. 3 90 five's wide open as you leave the Beltway up toward the 14th Street Bridge. A travel alert for those leaving 95 in Virginia Going south of Richmond. Apparently down near exit. 61 be in Chesterfield. We've got accident activity at route 10 blocking 95 south out of Richmond. Use alternate routes. You can expect obvious delays. On the rails this morning. Mark burns between 8 78 about 20 minutes behind from an earlier medical emergency on the train commute with confidence and carpool with your colleagues find co workers who live near you or along your route free employer based ride matching commuter connections dot or g'kar or 1 807 45 ride Jack Taylor Deputy T o p. Traffic right, Lauren Records with the forecast and shine with increasing clouds Today temperatures mid upper forties were in the forties overnight and then head to the low sixties. Tomorrow, rain Pushes in mid morning. It.

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