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Best thirteen game start in franchise history. They've got a home run in all thirteen games this season. Time for the second longest streak to start a season in major league baseball history. The only team of the longest streak was were the Indians in two thousand four when they hit home runs in their first fourteen games of the season Diamondbacks apply. Four win over the Rangers. Jarrod Dyson with a walk off pinch. Hit two run Homer. His first career walk off Homer first career walk off hit of any kind. He does have a walk on fielder's choice which came in twenty fifteen twins fourteen. Eight win over the Mets twins hitting six home runs. Their most since twenty seventeen Jacob degrom foreign game. Six runs record-tying twenty six game. Quality start streak comes to an end. Blue Jays beat the Red Sox. Seven five run of lost four of their last five home games any back to last season. This was the day. They got their World Series rings manager. Alex Cora was able to hit us away. Hit it was ninety one ninety two shows plus ninety four ninety five UN, but as far as the speed slider. Little consistent. You know? He made some good ones down into righties. And then he lifted in his own the Chris sale. He's talking about not Niara of nine. This season is worst through his first three starts of any season Astros. Double up the Yankees six three Astros fifth straight win all at home Indians and eight to win over the Tigers Indians hit four home runs on Tuesday. Straight ahead. We will hear Magic Johnson speak. It's ESPN radio. As you guys might expect. This is my last home game..

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