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My buddies like all right, bro. You wanna ride my ass. And like this is about to be bad. I, bro. You wanna ride my ass. Gonna ride my fucking ass, bro. You trying to ride my ass. Then ride my ass pull that dick out. Get ready for a fucking good ride. You wanna ride my throbbing juicy ass. Cheeks is that what you want? Would have been tough as Elvy just slammed the brakes and got fucking forty car pile. Yeah. Would have been hardest fug whereas you wanna ride my ass bid. And then got out and mooned him. Yeah. That would have been doubt would have been so dope. If while driving just a pair of ask Jeeves came out, the sun room dudes, like wait. How And does? it doesn't my buddy driving still feet on the pedals asks in the air. No hands on the pedals. Yeah. There you go. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ends on the pedals driving with his teeth driving with asked. She cheeks out the thing. Yeah. And legs working. He's upside down he's upside down. So his ass is facing the wrong way. Actually. This is just. When the wind. That's a new mooning. Yeah. His flat full-frontal flashing. Okay. Just here's my dick. Oh. Oh, here's my vagina, man. His wall. Whoa. Flashing vagina is not offensive though. You. But it's still like, oh, yeah. But not Dick's are ugly, though. Dick's are like I understand why like if a woman peas in public. It's not, you know, it's it's. It's not really that gross to me a woman peeing in public. I really really it's never like. But that's never like a graceful thing. I mean girls will say as to, you know, squat down in the shit, and it's nice gone down behind a truck or something it's not graceful. But like paying Apollo with the dick feel just it's got like, a certain aggression to it. You know, what I'm saying you can pointed at something. And that's why I think it makes it indecent. You know, what I'm saying the woman likes just to get down. And it's like it's like a it's a it's going in a specific area. You know, a woman can't necessarily point her piss not at all. But that's what makes it less graceful. No, I wouldn't say because it's going everywhere, and let's just on the ground. You know, it's like an a puppy takes a piss it's going to lower the floor. Maybe it's feet, but still cute fair enough. Yeah. With a with a man, it's like it can be threat. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. You can use it as a weapon. Yeah. Man, put put that away. And he's like, oh, yeah. And you're always I was I was thinking about what we're gonna do here starts peeing all over your Cardi weaponized piss. Yeah. Just for your fucking shirt. Oh, yeah. What were you saying? What were you saying what a way motherfucker? I condemn the weaponization of pisses every go that's our fucking. That's our platform. I condemn twenty twenty. So this asshole my and my buddy he's like, all right? You want wanna ride my ass, dude? Right. This s he fucking she drops like two gears in his fucking. We just read. And like we go from like, I dunno seventy two like some stupid number like ninety five and like a couple seconds. And I grabbed the Otit handle. And I and I just like this is the most casual I've been in a situation where we could have definitely died because it wasn't like a free flowing freeway. It was like busy as a, bro. I don't really think this is worth it. And then this dude he like he goes out like three lanes to catch up. It takes them. Why I don't know he like wants to race. That's why I don't know. That's the lamest shit ever. So here's where it gets al-turah lame who gives a shit. So this kid he speeds up and he and he gets like one lane next to us, and he turns on his fucking cabin light. And he starts like throwing gang signs atas..

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