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Going to get past us but the other iran. Ah with themselves very. I'll tell you what. Craig is a massive nicole at cockatoo fan. And it would have been loving what he brought to the game last week as well says as long as paul lose and what matter who wins versus. He's always will play at herm. Yes that's what we're looking full craggy. John's is also. I mean he's stats are against the monoprix mia's one and eating it just tom the fine or lots of things. Lots to talk about. We're headed look. The last. Thomas spins magnets. It's starting to get the good with the pad forgets the votes. And who is getting dragged jamie way. Would you like to start tonight presents. That's at the penultimate ramlet start with good. It was good. Because i want to talk about the one of the top. He beautiful then. We'll just quickly go and get the great main to hand out. Some vides revolts rush. Very by three hundred twenty three because we miss it and brand line coming up. Charlie heinsohn on at the braille. Who's going to sniff charlie. In the toilets peps one of the absolute wakened was. Caleb wrongs goal for fremantle in the dhabi derby. Whatever you wanna call. It gives us. She was that wasn't gloss winnie law on that one is fantastic skill siskel. He's absolute skill is a free call. It was a freak goal but someplace have the capacity to do that. Nathan on the ground you companies. Excellent very was very lucky to get goal of the year. Because you can have a look at it. They actually had tight. The bowl out of the by seeks. Nakba is in the cutic- pick up a couple of across. Jim blaming cokes. In a couple of fremantle betas. That's how far the bowl was at advance before we actually got one. God special type of person does let your told you about the to absolutely pills kicked in the nineteen ninety i under sixteen preliminary fall against marin probably gone for a pasta john when he was telling me all i am pass. He's got up his. I don't understand how the bowl did. What did though like he was. Literally up against the point party at it still went through quite comfortably. Well it i'll tell you all to play football with god. I'm archie pedal nosy and we used to have shots jimmy canes after the training on thursday not we'd have shots from there unless you say these why he was going home a few teens on the by the.

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