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Else for when you work from the house. It's interesting. Very interesting. It's different. Um, I've enjoyed I've been enjoying a lot over all my poor family has to do with me since sometimes or a lot of times usually goes pretty well. Um We are also having a lot of fun. Tonight, and we'll get back into that in just a moment. With if you guys could make sure you send me that new audio Emailed like to get back and then I have a lot of fun with that. When more people are getting charged, and they were hearing more about them and finding out more about them from the riot at the Capitol. We'll get back back into that in a man, which is good fun. Friday night topic with Good. Have fun in the middle of the garbage we've been dealing with honestly. But the, uh Biden. I mean, my gosh, Stocks felt after Biden came out and said, Hey, we're gonna spend more money. $1.9 trillion My gosh, I mean, this is just unthinkable even in my almost 11 years of being on and in DFW now literally be 11 years a couple months. Which is insane. I can't believe that I've been doing my job not for about 21 years. Full time talk show host which is again still unbelievable. I cannot believe it. I really can't. But, um Uh, 1.9. Trillion is unthinkable number and now it's like whatever And this guy comes out. But I just You know, those stocks fell. Biden says. Oh, we're gonna spend a $1.9 million from a print it and give it to you. And my friends, right and all our bodies and stock so And you got other economists that were analyzing and they were not saying it was good. That's not gonna be good for the economy. Um Here's a great little piece from Guy who follows me on Twitter and I followed him. James Freeman, one of the opinion writers for One of the members the opinion panel for the Wall Street Journal in trying to justify the 1st 1.9 trillion of his plan Spending spree tonight Or last night, Biden described a sinking economy. He also oddly suggested a growing number. If this I heard this today, I'm like, what the hell is he talking? Excuse my language. What the heck is he talking about? He said. A growing number of top economist has shown That our death situation will be more stable, not less stable if the government embarks on this This well, he says that the government embarks on his death fueled spending bitch. But a growing number of top economists has shown that our death situation we more stable now less stable. If we spend this It's like, Oh, a growing number of top economists. I heard him say that it was in the new stem. What does that mean? Well, we're going number two hour gone. Who growing number? Yeah. How about we line up a week? You know this? The fact I could line up you and I could line up. Just do some research online for like 5 10 minutes we could line up. 20 Ah, conservative or middle of the road economist That would say this is not good. We're spending my we don't have. Or you could just start growing number holes. It's just like Get out of here. It's just spend more money. We're in control you, you put us in control. And I can't believe what I heard say, but we all know it's true. This is what happens when you don't vote. Like some Trump supporters did in Georgia. They stayed home. They didn't vote. You give us a Democrat Senate in Bernie. Flipping. Sanders is going to be in charge of the budget committee, however, are on the budget committee in the Senate. I like what I mean, This is insane. Who does that? Well, that's what happens when, um That's what happens when you don't vote and you let the Democrats take over the Senate, too. Horrible. What the hell are you thinking? Yes, too horrible candidates. That wouldn't have even one. If people would have just voted, they chose to non voting. That's why we don't didn't when the Senate back or keep the Senate on believable. The F A. A Approved the first fully automated commercial drone flights. Cos. Granted permission to operate drones without hands on piloting. So I guess they're gonna have Fully automated commercial drones. I mean, this is this is a list. This is not a disgrace is very scared of me. I don't know what's gonna happen. Makes me think about George Jetson. The Jetsons and I don't want to see these things buzzing everywhere and something bad is going to go down. This is I am not comfortable with this. I don't like this. I'm sure somebody can explain it to me and show me why I shouldn't worry about that. I'm not. I'm not digging it. No, thank.

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