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Build this football team because all those years when the defense was the stronger of the two units on their team yeah they were getting in the playoffs but were they really contenders. When you talked about getting getting to a super bowl and the answer was no right. They had to get better on offense. They had to get stronger. They had to increase and improve the quarterback back production brian hoyer of the world the brock osweiler's of the world it just wasn't getting it done for them and bill o'brien knew it and now they have to shawn john watson and watson has shown that you know what he's more than capable they've given him weapons at wide receiver they brought him another one here in kenny stills and they wanted to make sure they could keep them upright right than anything else and that's why they made the tunnel move and now when i look at the houston texans okay and i know they lose lamar miller to they've tried to piece it together. They made the move to bring in carlos hyde here just to add some depth to running back. I get it but if you're looking at the houston texans right now if you ask me clearly. I think that shift has already happened to where you're looking at more of an offensive first team and i think that's how you have to be. I think that's how you have to be and moving away from today's van clowney and moving on from him. I think also add some testament to that as well aided eight say e._s._p._n. Is a telephone number. Let's say how to poland jacksonville paul. You're on the stephen a smith show well. Hello hello there mr how you doing so ball well. I'll tell you what now the j._v. and cloudy saying <hes> y'all even you know. Even though i'm living here in in jacksonville i could care less about this division. Yeah i agree. I i grew up in michigan so you know we're all so the thing about is would taping. I'm cloudy is just like yeah. He.

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