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To national championship, patino J Wright. Joining that club, 2020. They probably had a legit shot at winning it there. Where is Bill is Bill self? The guy that's the next, again, we always talk about coach Kate. We think about Bill south. We think about who's the leadership of college basketball moving forward now with coach K retiring. He is retiring, isn't he? Yeah. But if he does come back, I want him to come back on a really important day for Tom Brady since Brady announced his comeback on selection Sunday. I want coach Kay to target like some big deal for Brady and football and get a little payback there. But that's a good question, Seth. Who's the next, you know, who's the next group of coaches, and Bill is probably 59, I'd say, is a year older than I am. So, you know, he's probably got another ten years. I would say in them. Conservatively, maybe longer, maybe shorter given how much money these guys make now. But my sense is, and Jay writes 60, you know, my sense is that those guys are already so established. They're already in the basketball Naismith basketball Hall of Fame, that the other guys, you know, like Mark few and some of these younger guys are heck Mark views about that age too. So maybe I should move to even younger guys. But we need to probably start identifying some of the younger guys that are out there because they're the ones that are really going to have to pick up the baton and run with it for the next 15, 20 years. It's interesting that we've had these icons for so long that a lot of the quote unquote younger coaches like Hubert Davis is considered a younger coach. He's 50. He's 50. Got his first head coaching job at over 50. So it's different now. It's a lot harder for a John Shire to exist in today's world, getting a big time job at 34 than it was 30, 40 years ago. I think of this the recent national champions, you think of Tony Bennett. I'm not sure that's from a win standpoint and from a production standpoint. Yes, I'm not sure that given his personality. I don't know if he has that kind of animated personality to become that guy, but definitely from a program standpoint. You know, I think if a guy like Scott drew, obviously we just won a national championship last year. He has the personality to kind of go along with it, but I do think the next two or three years is going to determine who emerges as that next iconic and this funny day that you mentioned the ages because both of those two guys are early 50s as well. So it's going to be interesting to see you kind of steps into that. I can't answer that question either. I just think it's going to take a few years for us to be able to determine who that person is going to be. And let me throw this at his last thing. Yeah, look, we're going to have a change here in the car in the ACC. I was the coach K Roy Williams, eventually it's going to be Leonard Hamilton, eventually it's going to be Jim behaim. Eventually, it's going to be Jim Lara hold.

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