Russia, Sean Christie, President Trump discussed on Kentuckiana's Morning News


Top story. This is going to be about a ninety million dollar project to restore rehabilitate the Sherman Minton bridge and its associated approaches that has already been entirely funded between Kentucky and Indiana and federal highway funding there will be no tolls for the Sherman meant Indiana Department of transportation's Ron Houston on the two to three year project and allowed thirty years of live to the Sherman men when it starts in twenty twenty one project planners say there is a possibility. The bridge could be completely closed for a time where it could be done with lane closures there'll be public meetings in new Albany in Louisville to gauge public feedback on that part of the plan for information on those meetings. Visit W H A AS dot com. It's seven oh, two at NewsRadio. Eight forty W H A S the man wanted for making threats against war. He wrote Dakota Meyer and President Trump being sought at Ohio where he's believed to have abandoned a stolen truck. The US. Marshals service says Twenty-seven-year-old Sean Christie, stole a truck Sunday from Pennsylvania and abandoned it Sunday afternoon on interstate seventy one in northern Ohio a federal warrant was issued in June for Christie and connection to alleged Facebook post threatening to shoot President Trump Pennsylvania warrants issued for Christie alleged burglary probation violation and failure to appear for an aggravated assault case. He's also considered a suspect in the theft of a Jeep Grand Cherokee belonging to decode a Meyer in Greensburg Kentucky, Christie should be considered. Armed and dangerous. Suzanne Duval, NewsRadio eight forty WHAT. Yes. The principle of Oldham county high school facing charges after being arrested for driving under the influence and reckless driving. Angela newcomer arrested early Sunday morning when a car veered into the coming lane several times a preliminary. Test shows Newcomb's blood alcohol. Content was well over the legal limit the superintendent of Oldham county schools met with nukem to discuss the next steps. President Trump says suggesting Abrek Cavanaugh withdraws supreme court nomination is ridiculous cavenaugh denying an allegation of sexual assault for more than thirty years ago at the White House, the president called cavenaugh great intellect and a top quality individual. And blamed Democrats saying they should have released. The information sooner. Russia is blaming Israel this morning for the accidental shooting down of a Russian military plane over Syria. Russia has blamed Israel for the accidental shooting down of a Russian military aircraft over Syria. Russia's defense ministry said that one of its reconnaissance planes was hit by Syrian anti-aircraft fire was responding to an attack by Israeli fighter. Jets on Monday night near the city of Latakia. As a result old fifteen Russian servicemen aboard were killed Russia accused Israel of failing to warn of the attack calling. It a probation. And a hostile act. Russia's said it reserves the right to take appropriate retaliatory measures agreeable ABC news, most go more than forty percent of parents think their teen is having trouble sleeping, most of them. Blaming technology study out of the university of Michigan shows that fifty six percent of parents say their teen is having trouble sleeping because they won't get off their phones social media or electronics in general more than forty percent blamed their students, homework or activities. The parents say they've tried a variety of methods to get their team to grab more shut eye. The most common to.

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