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Apple introduced an eleven inch model but they also had a new 13 inch model and it was wedgeshaped wore wedgeshaped more squared off in the previous very rounded very curved model and had more poor it's a wider variety of ports and that really sort of made it accessible to people who needed those things but also the price came down the original macbook air started at seventeen hundred dollars and eventually as we saw over the time the thirteen inch mac book is now you'll stone apples lineup it is now nine hundred and ninety nine dollars it replace the old white plastic mac book as the entry level mac both the one that just all you know by default anyone who wants a mac but doesn't want to pay necessarily huge prices for it goes and gets and that was sort of transformative because it brought what was apple's most advanced laptop and made it their most mainstream uh laptop and manned everybody in the industry race to copy that mac book air that wedgeshaped i mean even intel who was apples partner intel who was on stage quality leaney then ceo of intel was on stage showing how they made a cord to do processor in a much sixty percent smaller package for apple your real partnership on this they they saw that ultra books for the future and they try to bring that to the pc market as fast as they can result was for years almost every ultralight laptop looked as close as possible to amac book air um was you know perhaps the most transformative laptop of the modern era and we we still have it obviously stolen apples lineup and recently apple has really done.

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