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Color combo that i would would have preferred but that's just a that's just me for the sky sox their word their road grays against the navy blue and red blue caps blue sleeves sky sox block letters on the front and if you're eight or if you're showing a lot of navy blue socks with his pants pulled up near his niece steps up to lead things off against lefthander gauge who was just activated today from the disabled list he was only there for about a week he missed once start and he's back at it here tonight two and four record six point nine one working for the third base side of the rubber breaks home the first pitch of the game and it's pulled fouled outside of third and we are underway here in town or if was over four last night he's just eight for his last sixty seven to eighty one now with a home run and twenty four rb is gates right back and the pitch is in the dirt ball one gauges six four two hundred and forty pounder out of johnstown new york twenty five years old matt gauge g h g e basically sky sox for the first time ever bank he comes and it's a strike on the outside corner with a change of one and two to nato orf defensively orlando kelly stay third kelvin tomlinson the shortstop chase nardo its second writer jones at first here's the one to pitch swing it s at a slider on the dirt and the catcher ryan hanigan will throw to first base to record the strike out of nato or two to three and that's how this one begins the outfield for the river cats gregor flacco isn't left field stephen duggar in center austin slater and right here's keith braxton braxton the leftfielder tonight he made quite an attempt at a great catch in center field last night slamming into the centerfield wall knocked silly for just a little bit and he slams the first pitch at a center field for a base it and that extends is hitting streak to seven games but he asked braxton how he fell today said much better he really had his hey dj rattled he said it was like being in a in an auto accident when he hit that wall out there centerfield a bad one and.

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