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And automobiles. I was waiting to do this until they released the Blu-ray that had all the deleted scenes. There's like 70 minutes of deleted footage that answers some questions. In the movie, there's some unexplained things in this movie. It's an all time classic. I love this movie. I can't wait for to release the podcast. Monday night, planes trains and automobiles, 35th anniversary. So that is happening. Coming up on this podcast, cousin Sal and I are going to break down week 12. NFL. On my dad's 75th birthday, my dad turned 75 today. He made it. Three quarters of a century. I'm going to have to have him on on Tuesday to talk about the resurgent winter Boston sports scene. Celtics bruins. He's like one of the two people I know. Three people. Who still religiously watch regular season hockey. But anyway, happy birthday, dad. We'll have you in the pot on Tuesday. Talk about all this stuff. Right now, Sal's coming up first. Our good friends. From project. All right, it is 8 36 Pacific time. Just watch eagles. Packers, Sunday Night, cousins town and we're going head to head and fantasy was a loser of these town fantasy match. Christian Watson on my team, 75 yarder. And a touchdown in the last like 7 minutes, semi garbage time. I knocked you out. You're done. I hope I win the title.

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