Pennsylvania, Bill Cosby, Aaron discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Raping her in a Manhattan hotel in twenty thirteen and and those of the substantive allegations against party one thing that could put away for life in addition there will be several other women who testify to what they called wives jeans prior bad acts this is the same strategy the prosecutors in Pennsylvania used to help convict Bill Cosby bringing in other women whose claims may fall outside the statute of limitations but seem to be in line with the other matters at hand and that can show what prosecutors alleged to be a pattern of predatory behavior and how did they distil this case from all the accusations they had against Weinstein there were only a couple that actually made it through to to the point where they could charge and were charged and and it these and and even now the defense says that Harvey one team was in contact with the women after the alleged encounter occurred some of the communication for friendly even romantic the defense says but but prosecutors believe they have plenty of evidence to show that Harvey wants the and did what what what collapsed and then some will the defense Aaron also allege that there was just too much pre trial publicity and there's a whole me too movement based on Harvey Weinstein's actions that he can't get a fair trial anywhere let alone in New York City well they tried that and the and the judge rejected any change of venue so you know that there's no that that argument is sort of over and done with now and and no matter to the publicity the the trial is moving forward and it's moving forward York city and as as a matter to get underway in court a number of appointments some high profile are included holding a news conference outside to talk about the movement that was owned by are the ones being so let's conduct as outlined in the New Yorker The New York Times and to talk about how this is sort of a moment of reckoning ABC's Erin to Turkey live from New York City thank you thank you the giving machines from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints have left their spot on Denver sixteenth street mall however creek and kill ray says the machines had an impressive showing over the holidays Denver garnered six hundred and sixty seven thousand dollars for six charities.

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