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Everyone welcome into another edition of the world's pod tobias harris the philadelphia seventy sixers a first place sixers and the bias who was having really wanted the best all around seasons in the league certainly in eastern conference chasing that rare fifty forty nine hundred fifty percent from the floor over forty percent from the three point line and we're in eighty six percents the bias at the free throw line. Which when you're shooting that well it's tough to get that number up. You can't miss right to get ninety. Yeah you can't miss it's a it was funny because i hit the ninety blue joel came to me and he goes. You're fifty forty ninety. Missed the next two free throws and he goes now. You gotta make like forty in a row. Now you're a liar. I gotta get it back up. So yeah it's a. It's one of the things like going into a lot of seasons. I say. I want to be as wishing as possible in a goal is to be deported. Ninety player so it's a. It's definitely huge goldman joe. Did you play baseball growing up to buy neither now. I could see joel being the guy on the baseball team. The dugout with pitchers got the no hitter in sixth seventh inning. Going up to him and saying you gotta no hitter gone. He's gosh for sure. While listen those are all star numbers and those are the kind of numbers especially on a first place team. You're gonna get more all stars when you're on the best team and there's a lot conversation league right now about this all star game. You know reported that they're getting and i think a union is let you guys know that in march seven atlanta leaks finalizing the details. Lebron james came out last night. The aren't fox publicly. I think i think some others have been more private in their frustration with it. But what what's your sense tobias about in the pandemic having an all star game in atlanta in how you feel about it and how maybe some of your teammates guys you talk to the league. Feel about it. Yeah i've heard they're the chatter on me about it and this is a extremely condensed season. Were pretty much playing every other day. night after night. So you know to have also. It wasn't too surprising to hear the knew that there was an all star game. Just because he's kind of the the deck is already set of of this type of season like in a pandemic testing all the way down the line so for me. It was something when i heard about that. Okay well here we go. It's really nothing new from what we've been doing this this whole year but i also do understand it for a guy like lebron played all star games but for somebody like myself who wants to be in the game and wants to play in his first all star game. I'm also like i will go like you know in atlanta where we add. So that's how i look at it. You're you're ready to sign me up for it. I wonder just the mental toll tobias. That guys are feeling this season not just the restrictions when you're on the road but now in the last few weeks having to test every day and so you have an update today in philadelphia. But you gotta go in and do your testing tonight so at some point. You've got to drive back downtown right back down. Or actually you go to the tape oscilloscope. Which is jersey near you. Go to the team arena. Keep facility right and so you do that. Even as far drive is for you. Thirty five minute drive. So you know that's like it isn't toll. many will sit in. Say all you guys shouldn't be complaining. It is what it is but when you think about it this is off day. You know you don't really were playing so frequently so ty we're family. It is imported and days protesting. We aren't testing twice a day. The only reason why today is just one is because active the game yesterday tested so bit is like a destruction in the day but if he's going to keep us safe and healthy as we hope it would not. I guess it's just one of those things we we kinda at this point. Have to deal with to to have this season into play. How how different tobias has it been trying to build team chemistry relationships that you're building with new players that you're building out with a new coaching staff around a season where you really can't be around each other like you can't go out to dinner. Has that been be more challenging or even with a team has to work through issues. There are always issues and sometimes you can go out together. You could talk to them at dinner. You could go out. You could blow off steam whatever it is and everybody kind of come back with a fresh mind. The next day is there. Is that part of it. Had been more of a challenge to try to work through stuff on a team. A for me like we're a team last year that if we had a road trip we were out eating on pretty much every one of those gangs your night before a game after game we will go the and it's just a time of abandoning being ever talk about different things that go on the course of the season. Luckily we had some really good success. This year so We found a lot of ways to do that. You know have conversations in the locker room before a game after game on the bus being able to communicate just that sense of being able to go out to arrest there on sit down and break bread and enjoy a great meal. Great bottle of wine have that type of dialogue. i think for sure that is missed. And you want to have all these great conversations and communications with different guys but we are being told to like stay a distance away or certain amount of people in anna seating area at a time. So i definitely think that takes a bit of a toll on on on the mental. Just decide like relationships in the togetherness for shore the season. You've had this year tobias and we went through the numbers earlier. the success. That game winner against the lakers recently. Which you know certainly was a regular season game. You beat them They're the defending champions. They're the standard right now. In the league there was a lot of talk coming into the season about the success. You had had with doc. In the season you ended up coming affiliate trae. You're having your best season. Is there anything to playing for him. How he's used you. That has impacted the success. You've had both within their in. La and now in this twenty game plus start to this year. Oh yeah for your offer start off by saying just rocks a coach that is always striving for more than the team to never get content to keep on pushing for the level we to go to and when he first came in there was a whole lot of chatter about all had your best year on doc. This isn't that Why did live. When i when i left. La i did go from one system. Who another system so to be able to be here in dock to implement his system with.

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