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So at the democrats do really needs to be even more attentive chew the passion referred were of their voters who understand the urgency of the moment i think a little bit better than they do so you know one of the things we've touched on a little bit on trump cast as the possibility that congress is sowell as they used to say of the carter administration overcome by events obt that managing you know this drunk and dangerous father in the form of donald trump as a fulltime job that they they can't seem to get an head above water to like get their think through ideology so that's that's an even think through think about the future but one of the things i guess if we're talking about how the democrats handled this year i think one of the things they've done is just try so hard to wish it away right right think look i wrote early last year about why impeachment should be at the front of the democratic agenda personally i think it's politically smart for them to do so i think it's politically smart rhythms out voters understand the stakes oh the 2018 midterm elections um if you vote morbus in if you can get a majority in the house in perhaps even said it is possible then maybe we can end this that i don't i i think the the urgency for doing that remains ninety at that's fine i think he's obviously demonstrated that he is completely unfit for office and i think that it's more important to have an operational presidency than it is to leave him in the air hoping that you know miss one thing that he's useful war which is to eliminate our cultural divides we can do that without him in office okay yeah so listen i i think that it's it's politically smarter people.

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