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Was played by charles russell. Spans accounts submitted advice special investigator. Johnny dollar to office american continental life insurance company authored connecticut's and then in february of nineteen fifty running all the way through september of nineteen fifty two edmond. O'brien took up the expense account special investigator johnny dollar. The great colombian life insurance company. The following is an accounting of my expenditure during the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murder of your policyholder loyal being mark on how to take vacation and county and then starting november of nineteen fifty two running through september of nineteen fifty. Four john lund from hollywood. It's time now for john lund. johnny donna. My name's elgin. Mr dollar claims division delaware mutual light dozen. Would you be free to work. On a case for us i might be kind of cases it involves a man named patterson and acclaim. We paid off to tune of forty thousand dollars. C patterson died in nineteen forty seven. All routine procedures were followed. There was no reason for not honoring the policy at the time and was raising. Now mr. that's what you'll find office to dollar. A lifelong friend of deceased swears. He is still alive. and kicking. take the case and then One of the longest running or the longest running actor who played johnny dollar. Bob bailey from hollywood. It's time now for bob bailey as this is father taggered. I'm calling you from of the chaplains here sing-sing sing. What can i do for you finding nothing for me. Mr. dollar but possibly for someone else. Michael karen one of our inmates asked me to contact you. Michael karen remember. He wasn't sure you would time drifter and con man who got tied up with an insurance fraud a few years ago blonde fellow. Michael wants to see you. Mr dollar possibly find the time to come up here. I don't know if is this something important while look. I'll be in new york sometime next month. Maybe i've got a chance to stop off. Couldn't possibly make it sooner. Wants the rush. Vena quite a while. isn't he very long. I'm afraid michael's dying. Alright father you can expect me. And then from december of nineteen sixty two to nineteen sixty. One bob rettig. Johnny dollar got merry christmas bird. Same to you. What are you doing in your office on a friday afternoon. So close to the big holiday instead of our shopping. Well i'll tell you john. I'm taking on any investigations till after christmas and finally mandel kramer For the last. Almost year of johnny dollar episodes from june nineteen sixty one to september nineteen. Sixty two this is the intro of the final johnny dollar episode that aired on september thirtieth nineteen sixty two right before the final episode of suspense. A special investigator. Johnny dollar due northeast and association home office hartford connecticut expenses incurred during my investigation tip-off matters and with the close of that show and the playing the suspense episode that followed it almost all historians mark this as the end of the golden age of radio as those two shows finally went off the air and of course that's quite disappointing but it is amazing To see how i mean. Whoever the casting director was phenomenal job they. All of those actors sounded remarkably close in invoice and it just goes to show that any long running show is going to come up against things where actors have to change if the show is going to survive and this of course. Johnny dollar is One of the one of the best alltime radio detective stories. I have heard all of them myself. Of course i think. Jd probably has multiple times and it's a lot of fun and it really did enter into the culture in a way. That was very very Long-lasting bob and ray the Cbs radio comedians. In the seventy s Made many many parodies of johnny dollar with their version. Ace willoughby international detective. They followed the format Exactly and of course they were. You know being funny and ray goulding The ray part of bob and ray did a letter. Perfect imitation of bob bailey's delivery The effect of culture is the effect on culture was quite lengthy and extended as shown by this. And so we pay a slight amish here At the cynical wards to one of the greatest and one of the last old time radio shows yours. Truly johnny dollar Well done well done. I had no idea where you were going with this and This is so interesting to me. Because i have heard all these episodes but never actually sat down and listened to each of these actors back to back us So this is really interesting in what stood out to me. The most is edmond. O'brien and john lund are almost identical. Voices are so similar. They all have their own delivery of course and they ought their own sort of feel to the character. If you listen past yeah the first little opening there some of them were more more. Hard-bitten and crisp others were were less. Oh but Their voices were also remarkably similar similar. It's amazing they found these these people so i guess odyssey still has what five more with stu. That's right that's right. Oh goodness well. That was fascinating. So thank you andrew and you're right. It is one of my all time favorites and It's it is a little bit sad the thinking about at the very end of the show but we have all these amazing episodes to enjoy this day so i it is not gone. Well we move from classic golden age of radio audio drama to the conclusion of this little mini series on the radio. Adventures of dr floyd random play episode seventeen called homes alone and again. This is from grant pachuco and saturday morning media. Dr floyd dot com where you can get the entire series again. We have stanford burg as sherlock holmes and a special guest cameo from the legendary actress. June faure and odyssey fans will know her as a character who appeared in the episode. The other side of the glass so here is the radio. Adventures of dr floyd episode. Seven ten. It's time once again for erica. Speed for the radio. Adventures of dr fluid brought to you. Talk to floyd dot com featuring special guest stars stan freberg as sherlock holmes in last episode. We'd learned that. Dont'a floyd dr. Steve had made a literature jump into a classic. Sherlock holmes story where floyd had been cast in the role of sherlock holmes trusted assistant dr watson and got steve had been cast in the role of classic literature. I read super villain professor moriarty. We now find dr floyd and sherlock holmes and deep discussion as they walk along a small path in switzerland heading up to reichenbach falls. I just wished you'd return to london watson. what with word that. The police have rounded up all of yards gang but the professor himself has eluded capture. Things will no doubt get extremely dangerous now moriarty will stop at nothing to get his revenge. There's not too great. That will persuade me to leave your side homes. Well could. I convince you to stop holding my hand. I'm afraid of justice. Dr floyd and sherlock holmes reached.

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