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I i don't know i i mean i come to bury okay not to praise her but the the but i don't wanna wanting to be like oh cia and just spew excrement i'll i'll over it but i didn't like it either like i went to the i went to bed i like started this movie last night thinking like hey this is okay let's do a movie night in netflix and chill right and i turned it off halfway through youth you you also have have out exactly halfway through i was i was pretty tired but also like had had the film been riveting i would've i would've stuck with it and like i finished it on the ipod embed this thing where they didn't are now i was an awaken to move and make it wasn't i think there i mean i i don't know where merck what was your what was your experience before i dived deep i mean some things i also didn't like it i think we're on a page or republican or a whole lot of the of beams that trump being thrown at you but didn't really go come together as a coup piece of whole the other thing that's going on beneath the services were talking about it was briefly is that our expectations for this movie i think were very high because spunk joonho who did snow pierce who i think which i think we all really enjoyed and has a much better piece of allegorical science fiction storytelling band of job but it's got bunk juninho directing it it's got over making news told a swinton.

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