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Rolling Stone magazine that they are still taking their time and giving themselves space to process everything adding that they would love to try to continue to do something and figure out something to do together. Bassist Ben shepherd added that they really haven't even gotten a chance to hang out. Just the three of them yet saying they were going through a natural healing. Then thinking about the natural next step Ingle, Fox News. A deadline in the war in Syria as the country's president goes after the last major rebel stronghold. Russia and Turkey agreed to deal last month to create a buffer zone around the province of it lips where President Trump has warned Syria and its backer Russia against launching what he described as a reckless attack under the terms of the accord, Jihadist fighters and rebel forces must go on the inside of the road and Syrian government fighters with the on the outside jihadists have until today to withdraw from the buffer if the deal collapses aid agencies awarding of a humanitarian catastrophe, Simon Owen, Fox News. A plane crashes into a home in Arizona, and somehow no one is killed at eighty seven years old Douglas denim says he's seen a lot of things, but nothing compares to what he experienced last night when a plane crashed into his home. That's where I got up and walk outside. And the neighbors started coming around. What is that look at the whole in your? Roof just before eight assessment Cessna to forty aircraft crashed into Doug's house, just two miles east of the pace and airport. The FAA says they believe there were two people on board during the time of the crash pieces of twisted metal mingle with the would that once made up his walls Marcie Jones, FOX affiliate K, S A Z. It's been four years. And finally Eric Merola wins a NASCAR race how Merola ended a one hundred forty nine race winless drought by taking the checkered flag at the one thousand bulbs dot com. Five hundred at Talladega. The victory was the second of his career, and it gave him a berth in the postseason round of eight Albaro told NBC sports he was determined to finish in.

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