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Happens when you cross paths with the clintons in something just seems fishy about las vegas something themes fishy you know i still wonder about that seven seventy seven that got malaysia airlines it just disappeared symptons fishy somebody know something they don't want anybody to now so the next event that happened in related to the las vegas event happened on tuesday when a gunman with a hostage opened fire from the floor of the montage condominium tower in reno onto the streets blow no injuries were reported but sporadic shots were heard from the building for at least twenty minutes he must have taken his gun his his shooting lessons from a harry done from dumb and dumber year really bad shot so he he shot out of the window down in the in noah no injuries after twenty minutes later was reported the condo the counter unit the gunmen was firing from was owned by the late vegas shooter steven paddock until december sixteen the man died tuesday after the swat team descended on him while he was barricaded the montage his name has still not been released he's been described only as a young adult what question in my asking everybody said out loud roll down your windows and altogether now was this guy moslem how can i not releasing his name because they don't want it to be attached that there's some isis connection we'll find out soon enough we'll find out soon enough but it just seems like there's i am mm interested in finding out i just want to find out was this guy muslim i mean why is was the up there and that maybe he was a muslim maybe he's connected to isis maybe isis was connected with with stephen tadic or maybe paddock was really the undercover guy that was a that was one of the conspiracy theories that maybe he was part of the cia and the isis found out he was undercover and they kill them and they carried out the the the the shootout and they got away i dunno could be wrong but something something fishy year something's really fishy here hey arm almost out of time so let me just give you the listener hotline phone number so if you get if you have an opinion on this las vegas thing john conyers nancy pelosi or the cfpb or you just want to call and say say you know like me eight five five six.

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