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V. e. l. o. Sand velo a place to feel better. How i'm dustin ross. This is the fringe zone. And this is truly the news that you can use because this is long. Long-awaited trump roast tiberan. No you fourteen. He just started getting musty. But joe family been stinking. And you're guilty by kanzi. Get show nail biting buller wiping pd brady. Peter brady voice asked the hello goodbye to tiffany you are generic relative and you look like a family guy person in real life and plus you look. They're girlfriend looks you know what. Why am i even talking to you too eric. I would go easy on you. Because i know you ain't a fully done human yet since your top lip and gums never separated. But i'm not sparing you shit. You look like mechanic and is sincerely hope that the brakes malfunction hard as you guiding the next car into your bay. Also that's why you and your wife annual bologna kids all look like the white people on lovecraft country and we all know how that story turned out donald junior. That's why you got a bad batch and can't stop sweating or be steal. You're going to be shaken for the rest of your life and that's also why aubrey o'day telling all your business you look like a a and you can interpret that as you wish. Ps we all know. Your thinning hair has h five. And that's why his name is your name forever. You sweaty pits having bitch vodka and jared. Y'all are definitely gonna rot in jail and you will never have the white prestige and reverence that you so badly. Seek all your look like your private parts are cold and damp decreases and your marriage. Bed is dead. That's why you always look like them. White people on the farm holding shoveling fourth unemp- people talking while that's looks like okay back to the rose malania you've got a baby by donald trump in the whole world knows it. You made a choice to get naked and have sex with her mother. Fuck it looks and smells. Like donald trump. And that's what you get. You ain't never been shit. No you ever be mentioned with the real first ladies of the nation. Michelle obama is the best been. The best will always be better at everything in life than you and are hoping makes you. Squint so hard and anger that you walk into a branch shredder and donald. You lost your fat siree loser with kitten heels. Lift in those which don't even make no sense. Which means is definitely something you would do no matter what you are going down as a one term president who got impeached and then got they asked with and couldn't even get reelected. You can't even get it up. Okay that's what you get your loser. Your whole damn family is loses. And that's why y'all are are leaving and with that. I want to welcome everyone to a new day at the fringe zone. Your weekly look into all mental health and mental hygiene things. You know because who wants to musty brain. The tagline is changing as we evolve. Your hey fran are you doing. You mentioned sarah parsons girlfriend. Not of that clip. That people use on twitter. Where dini's like well. How did i get thrown back trump. Oh flip stewart. How you guys doing today. We doing wonderful today. You know very tattoo. Say this feeling rejuvenated have never felt this joy. Why shouldn't say never. But i haven't felt like this in four years and i had another conversation about this on holding court this week but i just have. I did not realize how much of a dark funky s cloud that trump administration had over me until saturday when those election results got called in favor of joe biden and madam vice president-elect kamala harris and and i just i hadn't felt that way in a long time it was good to see that some people made the right decision to vote on the right side of things as opposed to voting for continued hatred continued. Mistreatment end just a lack of humanity. If felt good to see that it was still some good left in the world so doing doing real good how you doing. I'm wondering what's going to happen though. Because i saw that Trump is still pushing through his february budget so it looks like he's staging a coup because for him things are moving as usual he is not conceding. This is going to play out. He's being cairn terrier karen. Oh they said he'd be. He just looked like a carey. He's actually built like a career but he's being a care in asking to speak to the manager at the polling locations. You know doing all the things that are typical care would do get your ass out. You lost biden. Harris thank you. Oh no. i'm so low number right now. I don't know what was going to happen. He plays be crazy yourself. You you know. I just like dustin made a lot of very good point and i should be feeling real good because of the election. I'm just trying to feel good about today. Where as far as the election is concerned. The government just bevery shaky catches. Don't just never know when it's going to be that time. Why people are going back. You know what rise up. Fuck this we're gonna keep you know what the fuck we doing. Because there's so many people that acting like didn't realize how racism was so bad all this time me while i'm watching out where you being like. I don't know if i said this last week. But i'm rewatch old ciphers and we talked about names from that know shots. I'm just like oh. I want to celebrate this but i think i'm still feeling affect some. Ptsd so ali others feeling good about this. Please uplift us please. We'll come here. So i can live you up because i'm telling you right here. I am happy buck. Trump's fuck donald trump. donald trump is thinking of. That song was gonna go to number one. Could you imagine. I would have hit the billboard. Hot one hundred phone only repeat and lettuce stream on. I have been legendary..

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