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Will likely be quite contentious as the president's pick for Torney general faces the Senate Judiciary committee, and that committee hearing for the nomination of William bar to be the next attorney general begins well in about an hour. I'll bring you the events as they happen. What I saw this story. My first response was they better have more stuff than what we see to say. We should open an investigation on a sitting president United States. I didn't see information there that led me to that guy. John listen, Phil Mudd is one of the biggest critics in law enforcement of this president FBI guy from CNN. And that's what he said last night. I'll tell you how both explosive stories in New York Times and the Washington posts over the weekend. Maybe blowing up the writers leakers and Trump haters. I like Lindsey Graham proposal, I think we should reopen the government for three week period or a month period and try to negotiate and what we should do is try to make some progress on some of the other issues that are involving immigration, Ed Rendell, always love hearing from him a democrat put a reasonable one shut down twenty five days in and there's some sides both sides may be looking at a way out I'll bring it away. And that's what I think I have I guess an informal gang of ten now. Now among the gang of ten prominent senators who have already spoken out and buccaneer their party to a degree Cory Gardner is on it. Joe Manchin, Senator Tillis is on for North Carolina. Senator coons so ten and ten gang at twenty sitting down saying, it's not hard guys. I'm not asking you to redo DACA. Not talking about a pathway this citizenship for I'm not talking about chain migration. I'm not talking about the lottery, I'm talking about giving the president close to the five billion in needs to do two hundred miles of barrier. Not even wall come on. Don't tell me this is worth it. Because I know everyone's going to get paid eventually. But it doesn't matter what the interest on your credit cards. It doesn't matter for contractors when you're contracting to do something not paying you got hired by the government to do something. I hear the TSA the FDA already paying the price. You have a lot of border patrol people working without pay is for a great reason. I'm all for it. I want this thing built I want. Our our men and women at that border union, nonunion, whatever it takes solidifying any possible. I'm I'm for the technology. We all know the barrier works. Why do we have prisons? What are the Israelis use it to create some security? You know, why is it around people's houses? Don't insult people by saying it's not part of the issue. And by the way, Senator coons Senator Warner admitted so much yesterday. I don't want to bore you with the posturing, I'm going to try and get all the political rhetoric out of this. And as people say, we know the Democrats voted for in the past. We know it's personal the president having said that I wanna talk about solutions as Senator Mark Warner and Senator Lindsey Graham r. Talking about solutions to a degree. So here is Senator Mark Warner cut six with Cavuto yesterday. We need to spend more money on border security. I'm all in for that. I think what happened was they built borders and barriers in the highest populated areas. Where it was the most needed. But technology has changed even since then I wouldn't listen if we could agree on a set amount. And then let's say, let's leave it to the the experts decide how we can best secure our borders. I think we could both sides get yes. Yeah. That's what I think. Look he got to go to Nancy Pelosi and say, listen, you made your stand you tough. You got the you're the speaker again, and you've got a wild congregation in caucus that might be tough to corral. You showed your your showed your metal and the president show that I'm going to build the wall. Even if my own party didn't give me enough money. I'm going to go back and get it. And when you challenge me the passage through the Republican House, I did it plus more than you even said Nancy Pelosi, and in the end, I backed off a solid state wall because I was convinced by border patrol and listening to Democrats. They never okay I backed off we don't need two thousand gimme two hundred and we got two hundred more miles, and we'll fix the other wall. That's there. And then we could start pushing everything forward and then get past it. And may my goodness. Who knows maybe in a year? We can go back and do something for doc, especially if the supreme court overturns it or at least takes it up like it's opposed to the other big story. I'll let me just he'll let me go church here on the other side, Ron Johnson same show cut seven people come to this country illegally in family units. Because we. Incentivize, it just quick quotation so numbers in two thousand twelve a little more than eleven thousand people came into this country illegally apprehended as a family unit last year, one hundred thousand seven thousand people came as a family units. First three months of this year, seventy five thousand people so Democrats who are minimize this problem. Saints now to crisis this growing crisis. President Trump is right. We need the better barriers and the easiest way out of this is for Democrats stopping hypocrites, and it is true because they're on the record doing it. I'm not going to bore you with that. If you've been listening to our show watching or network, you're tired of hearing, you know, the positions inside out. So I'll try to move it forward the guy that makes the most sense, who's chairman of the judiciary. And you're going to hear from a lot today. He's going to make sure we don't have a Cavanaugh to situation with William bore as he tries for his third confirmation cut for. I'm just saying Mr President if you have to do an emergency declaration, which you may have to now would suggest that you give the one last chance. But he feels like we're not there yet. Instead. Okay. I trust her judgment on this. Plus, so depressing is it everybody's been for wall. Until Trump was for wall. Can I know the body has voted for barriers more money than we're asking for? So it's frustrating. So that that's honesty Dookie. We've a politician showing real exasperation and not posturing that twice so valuable. All right. So let's move on. I want to talk about what happened over the weekend. If you watch some of these other networks when I read the New York Times headline I thought oh my goodness. I paid you drudge. Let's see what's happening Boma bombing. I'm reading this. I'm saying when the New York Times story of the president called for Hillary Clinton's thirty thousand emails so big deal. No kidding. When the president said when they change the platform, and the RNC we heard this over and over again to modify the language when it comes to supporting Ukraine over Russia. When Philip went Paul Manafort was making contact pull metaphors making contact had thick Russian ties and was hired from. His eastern European contacts. They FBI's antenna went up. And then they said together, they really started investigating the president as an agent of Russia, then the Washington Post comes out with their story that said the president might be compromised Ladimir Putin because in their meetings. He told the translators give me your notes and went in alone. Now, I don't wanna ruin the story line. But he also deal with Kim Jong UN he also did it with president she at Merrill ago, Kim Jong UN and Singapore with Mody, I believe in Belgium. So the story these are two sensational headlines and the story really revealed nothing new that's what I'm thinking to myself why these networks running with this. Why are they show Sunday shows dominated by this? Why is Thomas Freedman saying we're at a crisis point where I need prisoner. Bama and President Bush to get together and bring our country together and have President Trump to the right thing. I'm thinking to myself, what am I missing? I'm not missing anything even Phil Mudd on CNN who just hates the president's guts said this cut fourteen. When I saw this story. My first response was they better have more stuff than what we see. There's a lot of stuff out there. That says the presence behavior is a Radic. There's a lot of situations where he's lied, but taking the leap from that to say we should open an investigation on a sitting president United States. I didn't see information there that led me to that judgment. So let me see Phil Mudd. His biggest critic, and he just hates him. You know, it's not my problem to figure out why that's why I don't watch that channel. But I know when he's on. I always tried to flip around. I don't know if you do too. So he's saying there's nothing there. This is the president being the president. He's unorthodox by decree by mold. That's why he that's why he won for many reasons. So the FBI he's saying the FBI if they opened up an investigation a sitting president for this. You got to be kidding me. Maybe there was a reason why James Comey was recommended to be fired. That's why the Democrats hate him as much as the Republicans thought. He was incompetent makes them. Terrible. Moves. That's why McCabe is gone. That's why struck has gone. That's why bakers gone. That's why pages gone. That's why Bruce has been demoted. And that's why the Steele dossier the played such a big role. Can't be verified. So Phil Mudd who couldn't wait to kick the president out. Can't find anything because he's an FBI guy and knows what a what a solid cases. It leads me to believe this whole thing is going to boomerang, and keeping my Jonathan Karl saying his sources on ABC or saying the same thing, Cathy Heritage's seemed to be leading her to that. This Muller investigation will be less than Titanic earthshaking thing. The many are expecting cut nineteen Mark Penn Clinton. Pollster I explained that my personal experiences where that you don't want the presidents and the presidency held hostage to these investigations unless you have a clear basis, I believe that then I believe it. Now, I've been unafraid to say it and the more. We learn is that there was no basis for the appointment of independent counsel other than the firing of the FBI director who had given testimony before congress recently before that firing that rod Rosenstein wrote a clear memo that it was. Unprofessional and.

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