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You you understand this because you sound like a very reasonably intelligent wonderful person you serve your country when you hear a father break down because this protest is holding the father of a man who gave his life for his country does that have amy effect on you at all l shabazz it will be gearing that bob heart out no that's that's a platitude that that's an empty rhetoric i wanna know if it matters do you do you even do you does it give you pause that supporting a protest like this when it hurts somebody like craig could be a bad idea what what an unpopular okay what sure sure well it it it how hard but it also work when i think about the mother the wife of a mayor it will be like oh you wii all it right away but shinko back hey arrow and at a word oh jerry that's okay we went well when your way way personable first of all of your too smart to lie on the radio the guy the did that is what in jail what are you talking about the policemen are you talking about the guy in south carolina who shot the guy in the back of guy it was running away from what what do you think habit that police officer.

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