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Me all right here I was snore snooze alarm a job that wasn't literacy literally asleep but I was working at it will as we were on the air I'm looking at the clock I'm trying to think do we started five minutes after four o'clock or do we we started six minutes after four o'clock I'll spare you the boring details about how that that came to be but what I was doing is of editing some audio that I'm gonna play for you in just a second because this is a piece of audio that requires a lot of editing and then this guy literally was asleep on the job that's right I rely on that guy to tell me Sammy thank you some of the rooster who kicked us off each and every Sunday morning it's funny I am amazed at the radio station still allows me to keep him here because everything is a big deal here there's such a premium on space and everything like that and I'm amazed that they still allow the budget to have him fed on a weekly basis but sorry about that all are playing for you what I was editing and white required so much of my detail in in just a second but there's two big stories this week that on Sunday mornings and good morning if you're listening thank you for listening I'm Frank Maranda we are here each and every Sunday morning right around this time doing their thing and I try to do two things that you know get worth getting up at these crazy hours for one I try to do stories that not a lot of other people are doing and I try to make this a show worth listening to because if you listen to talk radio the whole week people are talking of the same stories about Simpson the comes around it's a little boring sometimes you need a break but the other thing I trying to is give me a break from what's on cable news and maybe offer you a different take however there is one story then I can't resist commenting on and inviting your feedback and that has to do with the death Jeffrey Epstein now Friday the New York City medical examiner came out and said the Jeffrey obscene staff was a suicide no I am a little surprised that so many people are just taking this as gospel and Jay diamond you may remember Jay dime in the talk show host he posted on his Facebook page after this announcement was made on Friday ladies and gentlemen this is your television news reader here the official New York City medical examiner has determined that Jeffrey obscene committed suicide while in the custody of the justice department of the United States of America you may now go back to your normal activities confident that there has been no foul play here and as a reminder to all good Americans there were terrible and the Iraq and then he goes on to slam down trump who he doesn't like it all but his point I think it's a good one is why should we accept this as gospel now let me begin with this I am not saying that Jeffrey opting didn't comes up there again if you are one of the lucky people who have been managing to avoid this story for the last month two months three months for years fifteen years lot I'm envious of you but to me at the very least this Jeffrey up steam episode underscores the incompetence and mismanagement at the bureau of prisons now I talk about this all the time I've talked about this with my numerous interviews with people housed in prisons I've talked about this with a number of other folks we talked about this in the aftermath of the Whitey Bolger death there's no reason the Jeffrey up steam should have been able to kill himself but the more we hear about this in spite of Friday's news with the New York City medical examiner the more we hear about this the more questions are raised again I'm not saying he didn't kill himself however I think the most likely scenario again not basing this on anything but I think the most likely scenario is that Jeffrey obscene was permitted to kill himself he was removed so here's what we know we know that he was on suicide watch and then removed from suicide watch we know that he was the most watched highest profile defendant in the country probably the world and yet he was being guarded by two guards one of whom wasn't even a guard we know that he was being guarded by two people that were won a sleep and to falsifying records about how often they checked up on him I can understand that happening if you're John Q. public but if you're the highest profile defended in the world the letters about every aspect of that prisoners care come down from Washington I know this from my relationship with the gadis John Gotti senior even John Gotti junior every time they wanted to move him from one cell to another there had to be orders from a deputy Attorney General so for all this to happen independent of anything from Washington I find a little suspicious so we know that and yet we know also that the internet message board the anonymous internet message board four chan which is a place where you go when you want to be anonymous and post things and communicate things lot of the ferries activity goes on there we know the anonymous internet message board four chan reported Jeffrey Epstein means death thirty eight minutes before the public learned about so they posted it on four chan thirty eight minutes before ABC news broke the story and long before any public authority talked about his death and one of the columns that I read this week that really spoke to me was a column in The New York Times by Walter Kim and I just posted on my Facebook page you can read it at Facebook dot com slash Moreno fan headline why I dabble in Jeffrey obscene conspiracy theories and then the sub headline is I believe that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon I believe that al Qaeda attacked us on September eleventh but on this story I've been mugged by unreality I read this column by Walter Kim us usually water Kern who's a literary critic and the author make novels including up in the air and he really spoke to me everything he said I just posted a mega read the whole column you can read it yourself on Facebook so we know that this internet message board posted his death before the public learned about now that could mean that one of the first responders linked to fortune okay that end of it self is not indicative of foul play we also hear reports that there was screaming and shrieking coming from apps dean's cell we also hear reports that he told his lawyer as he was leaving I'll see you Sunday we also hear reports that he was according to his lawyers very upbeat very optimistic about beating the case so you couple all of these end then the Washington post's did some very interesting reporting and they're being criticized by this in some quarters so they he broke several Browns brought bones in his neck including his hyoid now it is possible to Blake to break your hyoid when you hang yourself and the the New York City medical examiner's claiming that I've seen how themself from his knees but it's much more common to break your high to hot hydroid when you die from homicide through strangulation so when you're a little older which I've seen was sixty six years old when you again I'm not shedding any tears for obscene to me he's a you know put a file a creep a guy that got wealthy through pretty surreptitious means that that we I still have a lot of questions about the Charlie get spring is actually done some great reporting on and then used his wealth to victimize over and over again a lot of young women it is possible to break your hyoid especially if you're older accepting wise but you all this together his enormous wealth the enormous information that he had about other people the fact that in spite of the fact that he was the highest profile criminal defendant in the world he was being watched by people that were sleeping and I'm qualified to watch him and were falsifying prison records so I believe very much open the door to one of two possibilities either one he was actually murdered actually someone came into a cell hi there that is someone came into selling murdered him he was permitted to kill himself there was an indication that he was going to kill himself and then the higher ups at the at the bureau of prisons said it kinda like godfather part two which we can talk about a minute you know what if he either didn't don't interfere too much don't watching too closely we cover this at length on a liquid lunch this week to newsmax showed I'm pleased to co host and produce which is on every day at noon and we had it was very interesting a former defendant a former inmate at the MCC who lived there for three years Richard Stratton has been a regular guest on the show and he said essentially he thinks obscene was kept so I leave I is is it possible this was just a a suicide that was permitted to happen because of the incompetence of the BOP absolutely absolutely is it possible this was one of those you know in baseball they call it an unintentional intentional walk way unit you don't have the catcher stand up and put his hand out actually intensely walk somebody but they don't try and get too close to the strike zone or is it possible that he was murdered I allow the possibility of all three of those things so that's my take on Jeffrey up steam if you want I know I in turn if he was murdered I couldn't tell you who murdered I mean there's a lengthy lengthy potential laundry list of people and I know a lot of people on the right one to blame the Clintons I know a lot of people on the left one of blame Donald Trump I think it's possible that it his death could be the result of people you haven't even heard of being associated with that sting I think you could be any number of people you understand when you were a billionaire and you're hanging out with the likes of monarchs Senate leaders governors presidents I mean other billionaires you have any idea of the kind of connections something like that has and the kind of people that one let's say for instance you're the billionaire CEO of a fortune five hundred company and let's say obscene in his elocution if he was going to take a play implicates you as having attended one of the sex parties that he used a whole well let's say he doesn't even do that let's say you just says I used to flying so and so out on my jet all the time do you know the damage that that does want to someone's reputation and the damage that that does to someone stock price so I mean if you're a CEO or you're the majority shareholder in a fortune five hundred company a three four five dollar loss in stock.

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