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I went back to sleep but she phoned again. A few minutes later and said another plane just hit the other tower. I got out of bed and turn on the radio. The only thing anyone seemed to know for sure was the planes had both departed from boston. Perhaps i thought it was a group of crazy red sox fans i know that sounds absurd but back then i lived in boston and bostonians were always talking about how much they wanted to kill the yankees back then. I knew as much about baseball rivalry as i knew about terrorism and al qaeda after a while my friend chris came over and we went downstairs to the people's republic. The bartender turned the tv on for us but he didn't seem to care much about what was going on. I believe we spent the entire day in that bar watching the towers fall again and again when i woke up on wednesday i decided to document this historic moment. I had a radio show at the time. It was called your radio night light and over the next few days i tried to capture the fear the paranoia and the craziness for my show the following sunday. I even took a trip to boston's logan airport to investigate my theory about the red sox fans but the security guards refused to let me into the terminal in the end i secretly recorded my conversations with a number of my friends in order to get their true feelings about nine eleven. I called the episode.

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