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Do you ever get nervous breeding domations at someone might come and steal it like a rich woman with crowed light just air name just happened to be was that movie not real at all? Has there ever been like a coat made out of domains? I know of okay. That would be bad. I just wanna say on the record. We are anti puppy killing coach on the record. No, no, no, krill villas cancelled. No. So do we consider the donations to be first responders of the of the dog breeds? Oh, you could now that that term is here. You know, it wasn't here. Twenty years. There was no such thing. Just fire engine fire. And and but wiser is taken it to a new level true. You know with with the train down nations and the Clydesdale, and but even I mean my dog she's eleven years old, but about three years ago, I took her to Arizona to see a friend of mine who has Arabians and she just walked right up and hang out with dot with the horses. Never seen one before in our life. This is pretty cool. Yeah. And in the dalmatian club America, we have a national show every year as most Aubrey pure bridge clubs do and they we have what they call coaching trials. So they have competitions and you can get expensive. That's why I've never done it. Okay. One. Last question about just the breed. How many articles of clothing do you own has donations on it? One. That's it. Yeah. I'm pins in like, hats and saw K. You're now you're getting. Yeah. Well, I do. I'm an artist apart in part time somewhat shoes like yours. Okay. You know, one day we had a we had a thing it one of the dalmatian shows. It was like a wolf stock. It's a big show, California. It's four days of of shows in June in in Vallejo, California. And it's it's like the fourth largest dog show in the country. It's huge. But they what they do the whole thing is you dress up in tied. I or whatever, and they have music all over the fair grounds. And they have all these wild competitions of dogs costumes people in costume. Don't people are crazy. Yeah. Yeah. We're we're we're not. We're not cacti crazy. Yeah. There's like an omen of craziness. Yeah. Yeah. I've a quick suggestion for maybe how you can get millennials more into dog show culture has to do with the way that you rate the dogs the way that that young kids are relating to these more and more are just by saying thirteen out of ten very good dog. Oh would pet what boop would boop on the nose? And they just I mean just tweet if you said that instead of saying, that's I that's seconds. That's third. Big on that. But then they all get thirteen outta tents over ability poop ability. Boop. Boop, boop them on their note. But you could poop ability. All right. So that's actually. To. I mean there is. So let's let's do this. Let's let's stab tell us. What you're looking for as a judge when you are judging dogs because from guys like from where we're sitting on this side of the table. Every dog is the best every dog is great. So I see a dog that one's a ten out of ten every dog is good. Yes. So how do you? How do you like judge in in? What are you looking for? When you see? Okay. AKC is basically a club of clubs, and that's all these national breed clubs like the Dow mish club of America. The tag greyhound club of America in each one of those clubs has been over the years to get certified by AKC. They've had to have all these pedigrees and say, look these are really purebred dogs and each one of those clubs has what they call a dog standard that the the club that people that are trying to preserve the breed basically back to its original origins. Keep that going God. And they've set these standards in this published standards, and all the judges have to know those standards. So for instance, in dalmatian in the United States, it has to be it can't be over twenty four inches tall. And the reasoning is that is if it was under the coach axel, you know..

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