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With traffic and, oh, just like Papa. John's who do you. He takes a helicopter to and from work. I know that he's a piece of fucking shed. Well, yeah. Sorry, first things. First, he's a racist and has been for a long time. I took take it a long time for people to care. And number two, he has a helicopter and number three. Why was anyone buying into the fact that you that you could just dip pizza into crisco and then that's what he built his brand on. Did he? He came from pizza high and was like, bitch, I'll do a better. Is that his? Do you know what? I don't know, and I don't want it also. I'm I'm the only person who can get away with calling themselves. Papa. That's right. Air, John, that what what kind talion thing you don't even say positive, even whenever calls you anything? Funny. During sex like, hey, fancy lady or like, hey, mistress America. Try to think of anyone's ever like, I'll tell you what happened daddy before and it up. Upsetting and I know that that's like a term, but it it's upsetting. I dated a guy for me for me for others. It works guys. I love what you're into. I celebrated semi, don't you know? But you've got to you've gotta just like figure that out before you go to try that out before sex? Yeah, you have to if we're going to have sex, what you need to do is text me here. The list of things I'd like to call you. Please write back and say, which is appropriate in which isn't what's always your paperwork. I, it's always appropriate is peppy. What do you like lever? No, I like Pepi. I like exciting to me. Exciting. Yeah. I like, you know. Biggins give me that give it to me harder Biggins. Yeah, yeah, I like pretty is, you know those are the. No, yeah. Make love to me pretty. Is anyone ever call daddy's in one thing I've ever gotten? No, I don't think. The only thing that I've ever gotten this wasn't during sex, but I was dating a guy who was going to grad school at UCLA UCLA school of architecture. I was thirty. He was twenty six, twenty seven. Okay. There's not a big age difference. There isn't except with except that. Well, you know, there isn't there isn't it works but he was not. He was a professional student. Then he worked for his dad's construction company, then you decided they want to be an architect. Then he went to school and he there are a lot of things that weren't good with the two of us. Like one of them. I remember we went out to eat dinner and they asked him how he wanted to stake. And he was like barely living or barely dead. He thought he was funny and I couldn't handle with any of that basic bitch. But he told me once I was like, disobey you that I'm older than that. Does it bother you that I'm older than you? And he goes, no. I love older women, and I was like the way he said it was. So it was like a set of shot. It was also like older women. I was three years older than him. Well, but when you said it before you were four years older. So who's telling the truth near you. Never may. Definitely never may, but I don't think enduring. I want my men to be quiet. And if they have anything to say, I want them to make tiny. Mouse noises I I wanted this. wanted this. That's how I want guys to come. I. I want. I like I like, you know what? You know what my favorite word during sex says. While you're having says, shit..

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