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Teams are starting to realize this is what we have to do and perhaps people are gonna follow the man united playbook it's fascinating david what you say about working out seller i would not go there yet but i will make a statement liverpool to the loss of poker on the field and salad barely go sniff with ashley young covering outstandingly that vaunted three seventy looked a little light weight and united they did seem like a ripple clinch fish that was able to strike will which was in a stunning thing if you've what united in recent weeks pres yourself for instant knee jerk narrative flips merino back to his imperious best clone livable still missing a piece for true challenge lukac who is the grease mun swore as level player that we always thought he was ox is emirates so once again even for me news teeth seemed a little more yellow than normal and the rest of the game was one liverpool corner off to another essentially eric by going french phil jones to hand them a lifeline with the own goal carpeting venoy down the stretch won't be remembered in this game willett mono because it was a win ultimately i mean look yes there will be sort of potential narrative flip here but look with thirty games into the season man united a five points ahead of livable and they're five points head for reason it's not just like one game that flips the narrative they're five points head for a reason they are the team in second place and have been team in second place most of the season for a reason and i sort of you this moneyball is that man united or moneyball team their team what are they doing in moneyball they get on base man united josie marino's teams know how to get on bay and yet that's the object mormon paul whereas livable they look really good they're like that they look like a football team dollar they play like a football team all they attacked all the school that's how we wanted to go and see football played and sort of them a little bit like arsenal and certainly like tottenham they are the more that's the way we want football to be played that's the way we want to go and see football but they're always brothers lolong bull.

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