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At halftime, the Broncos led thirty five to ten. Patrick Peterson intercepted case keenum to start the third era. Zona turned it into a touchdown. Josh Rosen to Larry FitzGerald on a four yard pass thirty five ten with eight thirty three to go in the third. I think I said it was thirty five to ten at halftime. It was thirty five three at halftime thirty five ten after the rose into FitzGerald touchdown later in the third cardinals have the ball again. Not for long, though, the Broncos de this time called upon von Miller data four. The forty three rows it again in the gun. Denver brings five this time rose avoids pressures tries to step away. Now, the ball's knocked free, and it is loose a scramble for it. Still lose it picked up by the Broncos, and that is the Marcus Walker. His first game active this season the second year linebacker slash defence event. At a Florida state thought Miller knocked the ball free from Josh Rosen DeMarcus Walker welcome to the party this year. No doubt about it to Marcus Walker t walk with the big recovery of the strip sack Broncos. The cardinals forty three yard line. Three plays later. Denver was in the end zone. They called on Philip Lindsey to get the marriage. The good call of the game. Brought to us by the Denver trial lawyers. Anders and Sutton slot left. DT wide rights. Second intent Lindsey stays in game. Seven man front. Make it eight-man front for the cardinals. Case changes the play against nap clock at four. They run the stretch left side. Here comes Philip Wednesay. Steps of attack linzie inside the twenty five twenty hits at fifteen. Touchdown denver. Fill up Lindsay ran right out of the tackle. Patrick peterson. Lindsey a touchdown scamper up twenty eight yards and the Broncos now in front forty one to ten forty to ten after.

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