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Other retail continues to act pretty decently lows was up nine today but some of that had to do with somebody's taking a position in the company and i believe they've got a new ceo interesting enough they got the ceo from jc penney is that good but i guess the new ceo from jc penney was just babysitting it after already had the big problems as that dude who went came from apple destroy jc penney mabry tried to put them all in a mall try to make jc penney into a mall anyway so lows was up nine today volume was about four times average sales growth at lowe's nominal not thrilled for me the thrilling part growth a lot of them setting up here what i say a lot i think about that got about forty fifty names setting up i continue to not be worried about interest rates like others are because remember the central banks are not gonna do anything bad if the economy had south at the market takes a crap they will lower rates let alone raise rates and of course you've got europe and japan already doing their thing or prices are a worry if they continue higher opec has been lowering production forever and venezuela can't produce an eminem right now because the that moron is destroyed the country at.

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