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Meantime. Dak Prescott. And the cowboys Steven Jones talking about. Dacca's part of their long term plans. I hate to say it. Has Been, through. Personal Hell the last couple years losing his brother. And then led by the way this injury after he turned down one hundred plus million dollar contract from the cowboys point of view kind of worked out for them. I hate to say it it Kinda worked out for them. The fact of the matter is this is like a brutal sport and successful franchise really look at the players as commodities, the job of GM, in football more than anything properly price commodities. That's it. That includes draft picks and what that's worth and Players put a dollar sign on it. Let's assume for a second. Dak. Prescott makes a full recovery from this injury and returns as the same player next year right four to six months next season. Of Assumption but let's say he does. Barring infection or anything like that or some psychological repercussions where he's he's favoring worries scared to to. To play the same kind of way. I think there's a pretty good chance he does. And if you're the cowboys. Even offer him the same contract. You, Kinda. WORKED OUT FOR THE COWBOYS IN A way? Of course. You have other teams who might be looking at their quarterback going. Dak Prescott looked pretty good. In this uniform including. Forty niners right now maybe the browns right now right if the guy like that was available still you think that he's GonNa come at a discount. Coming off the injury. We have sound on this ranch. Now it's just a quote..

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