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Cool thing opens in the in the in the cafe like it's like a really boring opening. Why is Christmas eating a scone? Yeah and then she comes over so this is a really great scone. Yeah when you kiss her lovingly on the cheek but in a friend way and then her wife go totally treat it right. You don't leave you. You go in the corner where there's an open Garcia coach Paul Garcia. It's gotta be gotta be now or whatever you say uh-huh Oh my God but then I said seeing up in SF for you know years. And at first I talked about my family a a lot and then I didn't you know it's tacky or something. It's really hard. It's like Chelsea praise joke where men got their period. That's all the talk about but it women women do it so like similarly I feel like non white comedians get accused Margaret showing it. It's like you're GonNa do your dad's boys you can do my oh go. We got when it's like. Yeah if you grew up in if that's what made you unique if that was your identity. Yeah that's what would all be circumstances. Take my life and the people that make them up but I didn't. I wasn't confident enough to accept that it's like a Raunchy comedian for a while. Ah Yes weird. I'm GonNa Jackie totally the science homeowners. They're here to renew your contract. Nine more what do you mean like you went real alert. Yeah like sex jokes like crass jokes by design. You're like that'll be my move. Well I kinda was doing it anyway and then I was like I gotta had a ditch this mom and pop stuff and they need to go hard and then did that. I even played guitar for Awhile on stage because I was like I could play guitar. I didn't realize I didn't have you singing songs or were you doing it more like Nick Suny Albany songs like I was just really dirty songs. No no not dirty one with Jack evacuating Venus like an astronaut. Dad evacuating Venus. Uh we cut to the crowd dead sign. And you're like I think maybe I should talk about my family again. Basically but then I like my started talking about my family more and just more of a natural way and then my dad got he actually got sixty sixty had Alzheimer's Disease Katie told me that's why I'm nodding. Yeah I remember you have a podcast. Now which is called scattered headed that out. Edit me repeating it out about your dad getting Alzheimer's yeah which is a very very. I don't have to tell you this but I understand. It's a very very heavy thing. It's a slow motion lotion. Sort of disease. You told me Yeah. It's very slow and it never gets any better and it's like watching someone disappear right before your eyes but it was and I was living in San Francisco. My parents were here in Los Angeles and my dad just disappeared one day and he will. My mom called me to let me know that she came home and my dad was gone and she couldn't get a hold of him though boy so she like he had he'd wandered off like a few state which we all learned from breaking bed. Yeah like you just forgot where it was going. Yeah maybe forgot who he was totally and and just went he just went nightmare and it was like six. PM like how long has he been gone mom and she was like since eight in the morning. What interests like call? call the cops juice like a little Latino Lady. She's not she doesn't like I'm not gonNA call the cops. Are they GONNA do. And so I call.

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