A new story from Chuey Martinez


Eighty one I just sort of three I can do is Michael down is G. O. D. I'm a show and our sci fi is this is a lot of bad I Los Angeles two point seven kiss FM some days you have a ton of stuff to do other days you want to get out of town would get around you can instantly rent and unlock cars with your phone or whatever that you want to do download the app today get around it's go time he did which was do Saturday night party with Julie Martinez and DJ true it's just no when and then just this is Saturday night party which you in Martinez and DJ drew the I can feel from the young we could just I can feel the young we could just Kitty says control the station is one of forty seven sure we drew good morning or something eight hundred five two one two six seven this up right now kids seven Saturday night party with Julie Martinez and DJ drew easy do you a easy they do not need to unite you Saturday night party with DJ drew I used to beautiful okay this way England V. I. P. very important to keep their and the secret to keeping the romance alive is.

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