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I can hear an argument either way on how people sort sort him out. I'm okay with this. I i'm not gonna die on that hill. What i'm getting at. But i think both guys have the ceiling and both guys have a little bit lower floor. It's funny because i think these three guys when we talk about them we have to kind of all talk about them together right because it is such a unique conversation right so i'm going back through in in looking at these guys right. We talk about. Justin feels may will trae last one. Has the shortest resume turns the amount of gain sixteen starts whatever. But then when you go and you dig deep into justin. Feels and zack wilson. Their stores are closing comfortable. Zag wilson obviously had the injury before last season. Where like the numbers weren't necessarily what you want. But then it pops last year third three touchdowns three interceptions you look. It feels numbers. Yes sixty three nine as i guess like a two year starter one and a half year start whatever you however you quantify this shortened season that they had that wilson is super talented super skill. Love the pocket presence deploys the way that he is able to play on the script or off the script The thing that you love and we'd never can get this scouting man. I would love to see them. Play more big time games within when you go back and you look at the previous season. He has some big time game. He showed up in some of those things. But it's that's lake. Justin feels you see those wild. And you're like man i need degrade to flash is because the college football playoff against clemson was always say that's signature game because i think these played on a big stage it lets you see the talent in what the talent could be the next level but when you watch indiana and northwestern man he was repeatedly tricked and full and bad decisions Couldn't really felt like he saw some goes in terms of coverage because the late changes or whatever and you wonder how many times is he going to give food at the next level and then you wonder what kind of system. And they were trae lance. I saw those things that you talked about. Like the mrs because he does have mrs but then the thing where counterbalance it. He is by far the most accomplished runner of he ran for eleven hundred yards. He threw design quarterback. Run game has to be a part of the offense when you when you draft him. He's built for that right. And so with all of these guys. I would say how a rank i still have. Fields over will's feels is more talented in terms of like the raw physical tools in presence of whatever. But i think wilson can play in any system that you wanna play it. I think for fields a think. Not necessarily ease is predicated on this game. But there's certain things that. I think that you have to do for him. I think play action has to be a big part of it because you talk about him. Getting stuck on the primary read will play action clears all of that up. It is very easy when you stick the ball in the building and pull it back out. It is my primary my secondary. That's pretty much outplay. Axa done is he the one half of the field or right over the middle of the field. And so those things. And i think trae lance trae last needs to be an office. I'm not saying that his like baltimore but it has to be..

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