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Against either right state or Bryant. We don't know who yet. Friday, 7 27 p.m. easterns in San Diego. You're going to be able to watch it on truTV. Disrespectful. Number one, Arizona. TruTV. Disrespectful. I just give we're obviously recording this Wednesday before we get to Bryant state. Listen, write state moving along would be fine. I want Peter kiss versus Kirk, again, swag. Kurt Kris is dead. Sir swag cap. I want Kirk Reese's smack talking from the bench Peter kiss. Swag capital of this bracket, okay? There are no two players that are more arrogant and cocky than these two. Give me Brian versus Arizona. I have Arizona winning and covering no matter who's playing and what the line is. Hidden with his crutch. Yay. You might literally throw it at him. He threw his shoes in the stands out for Arizona when the PAC 12 title. So I think we're both going to have Arizona moving on, but obviously there's no number on the game yet. So just Arizona to move on. Came to south regional number 8 seat in hall. Number 9 TCU Friday 9 57 p.m. eastern in San Diego. Appropriately on truTV. Okay. I mean, it just is. All right, so we got frogs versus pirates. Hot frogs are one point favorites. Pirates. Shouts to born on a pirate ship. Old apartment, great song off that barenaked ladies album, para I'm sure spends it all the time. Fading memories blending into del Tableau. You know what I'm saying? JP, right? Here we go. I will go, I will go, I will go TCU both here. Jamie Dixon, we got a lot of coaches guiding their Alma maters to the NCAA tournament. Dixon's like one of 12 or more. There's a lot of those. I will take TCU to win in a complete coin flip as far as I'm concerned. The wrong team favored. Oh, it is. The wrong team favorite situation. You know how this usually goes for you though? Yeah. I know how everything usually goes for me. Kevin will or lose in this game. Last game at seton hall? Oh man. No shortage of buzz that Willard really is the number one guy for Maryland at this point. I will say no, I will say Kevin Willard is still a seat and hall. But that is that's for me that might be a wrong team favorite situation as well, but I will say no. Game three, south regional. Number 5 Houston against number 12 UAB, Friday, 9 20 p.m. eastern in Pittsburgh. You can watch it on TNT, the cougars are 8 and a half point favorites. I flipped on this. I had Houston, I'm going to give a shout out right now to shot quality. How about this? Put up a graphic a couple of days ago. Only four teams in the NCAA tournament field rank in the tournament's top 15 in transition scoring volume and their efficiency and transition. The four teams are Gonzaga, a one seed, Kansas a one seed, Arizona once and you may be a 12. That's a joke. That's an absolute joke. It's single handedly flipped me on this game. I am taking UAB to win, obviously to cover and doing so. Houston is a 5 is fine. Houston hasn't beaten a ton of really good teams this season. Andy Kennedy's got a really, really solid team. Jelly walker said afterward. We don't care. He had a great quote, man. I wish I had the audio to play at the frankly. We don't have the time and do we have the trust that you're even going to hear it if I do it. That's an inside joke of anyone literally just discovered this podcast two shows ago. So I can't have a jelly walker. I love this dude. Incredible story. Not short on confidence. Give me Andy Kennedy and the blazers to blaze in to the second round. Of course, we've got a 12 over 5 situation. It's going to happen somewhere at least once. We'll see if it's here. I think it will be. This is a conference USA. I grew up in. It's a conference USA matchup. I was raised in these conference USA streets. I was born in the metro, but I was raised in C USA. I almost did it, but I've taken Houston to win the game. UAB to cover. You can't give jelly walk right in a half points. That's ridiculous. Game four, south regional, number four, Illinois, number 13 Chad anuga, Friday 6 50 p.m. eastern in Pittsburgh. You can watch that on TNT. Illinois, 7 and a half point favorite. Last time nougat. Made the sweet 16 was 25 years ago. 7 and a half. This one is a tricky, tricky number. By the way, we are squeezed for time. GP's got to take a flight, but I'm being told by the bosses. We have a better live number right now by far than any. I will take when GP scoots out of here, I will take a few questions at the end of the show for the live audience because you guys are like a huge number right now. So we are tight. I will do that at the end because GP's got to catch a flight here. I will take Illinois to win. I will take nuga to cover so calm, by the way, Tina's never won a game, see the 13th, a little fact for you. Give me Illinois to win, but Chattanooga to cover this will be close. Game, oh, I got did I pick it? No, Illinois to win Chattanooga to cover. Inflated line. I don't know, I don't know if it actually is, but I agree though. Okay. Game 5, south regional. Number 6 Colorado state. Gets number 11 Michigan Thursday, 1215 P of eastern Indianapolis. You can watch it on CBS. Some funny business going on. Funny business right here, 6 succeed, two and a half point underdog to the 11 seed Michigan wolverines. Funny business. All right, a couple quick notes on this one. You're gonna see at least 5 shots of Ali farook manesh in this game. Why? Because the former northern Iowa legend who be Kansas, the number one overall seed, you know, what is a 12, 13 years ago at this point. He's an assistant at Colorado state. So you will get plenty of you can't be serious with that shot. Coming here in this one, Colorado state finally got a plane. I believe it's on the ground in Indianapolis. I reported that out late Monday night, but they got that done. I am going to go Michigan both and I think it's against my better judgment. I will take Michigan in the spot. Michigan, by the way, with 14 losses, has the most of any team in the field that is a rare situation where the team with the most losses in the field is from a power conference. That is true, but I will go with Michigan because I'm not sure how Colorado state will match up with hunter Dickinson, other GP you can easily retort how will Michigan match up with one David roddy. Nobody matches up with David roddy. You want to play him down by the ram. He's too strong. 6 5 two 50. Oh, you want to get out in space? He'll bounce and pull it on you. Mount west conference player of the year. I'm going Colorado state..

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