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Patriot FM one zero one point five and AM fourteen hundred The Republican primary for congress there's only one tough proven. Conservative Lena Epstein Lena Epstein. Is running for congress to fight for Michigan and America Epstein was President Trump's campaign co chair in Michigan so she knows what it means, to make America great again Lena is a political outsider and she'll stand with President Trump to secure the border stop illegal immigration defunding sanctuary cities and uphold the rule of law our border is a national security disaster President Trump is right to deploy the national guard in congress. I'll San. With President Trump to build the wall deport the criminals and put America first tough proven conservative political outsider Lena Epstein will, secure the border cut taxes strengthen our military and put America first conservative businesswoman Lena Epstein for congress I'm Lena obscene and I approve this message four by Lena For congress Report recommends city investigate assessors behavior coming up on the patriot FM one zero one point five. And AM fourteen hundred My friends I'm Dennis Prager, admitted today for hillsdale here Easy thing to do because hillsdale so positive And we need positives I'm telling. You there's a civil war in the country I've said this for quite some time l. a. I hate being a Jeremiah Comparing myself to Jeremiah and. Stature or piety I'm only saying that the role. That he played a role that I'm playing of predicting. Bad things that then tend to come to fruition I'm not saying it's inevitable But it looks bad in terms of a civil war in the country and not necessarily God forbid not not violent but I. Believe the left is violent Look at. The put up the video. Of what. Happened with. Charlie Kirk Candice Ellen's this is all by way of saying hillsdale is a is a, candle in darkness go to pragerforhillsdale dot com get Imprimis that's all they, just want you, to sign up of asking, this is not an appeal for money Pragerforhillsdale dot com Who will will we do It's an important line I read to you from this piece, in the Wall Street Journal About Brazil the young after pay Brazil's high, taxes what's what you know what I say when, I got the colleges not every time but often when. What I say to college students I want. To thank you on. Behalf of my generation I want to thank you for supporting us That's what you're doing And by voting democrat. You continue your generosity you, can't afford an apartment, let alone a house but you continue to pay for the previous generation the most, selfish in. American history my generation Because it's the most left-wing in. American history the baby boomer's left-wing. And selfish are almost synonymous there's a narcissism. At the heart of leftism the inversion. Of America I take care of me. I take care of my family I take care, of my community leftism. Is the state takes care, of me the state, takes care of my family the state takes care. Of my community why that is. Considered noble Great. Puzzles that human beings have to resolve that is, up there in my opinion with why did God create the mosquito I simply don't have an answer why people think. That there was something noble about the state taking. Care of them rather than they taking care of them this is. I understand why they want. It because human beings endorses cystic. But I don't understand why it's. Called noble that's the garage one of the. Great lies under which we live that. There was no -bility to leftism that. There was altruism to leftism That's. The that's the sickness that there is the young have to pay Brazil's, high taxes people are leaving in droves the. Country I mean. It's one thing for Venezuela those poor people in, Venezuela but it is after all the small country Brazil is a giant If Brazil goes the way, of Venezuela that that's a very serious problem, for the western hemisphere Not just for Brazilians the young after. Brazil's high taxes but benefit little from government spending a huge chunk of which goes to pensions Unions is isn't that awesome government unions in itself corrupt John f. Kennedy hurt this country I don't think. I ever said that it took me all these, years to finally make peace with the fact that he, did a lot of bad I was mesmerized by John Kennedy a little boy Stared, at his wife Beautiful woman regal she she, reminds me of Milan Maloney reminds me of her beautiful and regal That's what they both are Huge chunk. Of which goes to pensions Now. Listen to this part of the. Article this is this is my favorite the US the United States is still home to the largest share of Brazilian ex pats more than a third of the three million Brazilians estimated to be, living abroad according to Brazil's foreign ministry Now listen to this Vinitaly Vinicius brought bolsa the Silva twenty A student from the south of Brazil who said he plans to move to. The, US and a few years said things just work there About america Infrastructure is better and everything is not so expensive That you know That could be. The fourth motto, after in God we trust e. pluribus Unum and liberty things just work here You're the left. Left wing Americans, are so spoiled there there's a totally childish aspect to them Like I said, to the students at Berkeley. My last questions we should. Watch that it's a little till YouTube Restricts, it you can still watch my dialogue? Debate with left wing students at, Berkeley my final, question to them was do. You think people are basically good and. Of course they said yes That way, they could blame everything on capitalism and? Sexism and racism and so on And then I told them you believe it because you live in America where people, are largely good You're spoiled and you're naive as every leftist is spoil the naive Things, just, work there twenty year old Brazilian, why, does he. Think they I I want to ask this guy hey Mr Silva why do you think things do work in America Why would he answer, see, that's what I'm that's what I'm, dying, I don't. Know the I don't know what he would answer Would he say, free enterprise limited government people are free Freer they're freer under Donald, Trump will. Tell you that This is what you're. Part of what drives the. Left crazy about Donald Trump he's trying to undo The behemoth of government This is their this is, their lifeblood big government And he's trying to undo it with no help from, a fair number of conservatives who find his. Style so offensive that that's what they concentrate on Country's at stake And they're concentrating on his tweets Well Levy that is? Life This is we all put this article up on totally freaked out Brazilians way of farewell to paradise That's the title of the article appeared Past we can.

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