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Towing for a driver one passenger and their vehicle additional miles are extra and united airlines wants to see more paperwork before passengers fly with an emotional support animal airline says owners want to confirm that they're animal is trained to behave in public and that they'll need a vaccination form signed by their vet united says number of comfort animals abs has jumped seventy five percent in the last year and there's been a big increase on animal related incidents what was the guy's name skippy harry's dead yeah that guy these dead jim that's the oxy that's the oxy clean guy okay sorry have in the place the aksy clean guys definitely now he's got jamychal uh i will find him it's it's all fill swift fill swift found that that's the guys left flex tape gay he's got flex tapie's got flex glue and now he's got flex cox so it's perfect that's all he's got every he's got the whole kick in by the family pap all right accident four westbound ages fix your car with the flex tape four the westbound direction it bailey road we have a vehicle in the centre divided since this defender benner everybody's okay so they're going to move everything over to the right shoulder you'll be experiencing a traffic break in a moment left lane blocked westbound 580 at nine eighty so expect some delays there as well that vehicle requiring a tow truck eighty westbound at the pomona street offramp we have a bus blocking the right lane at is causing some slowing as you can imagine chp still working on getting to the scene and bart as of right now checking in problemfree it's awkward 560 jews avoid shortages.

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