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There was a recent survey done by the Chicago council global fares, they do this every year, and they asked people all across the United States, you know, should the United States being gauge in the world should the United States have a leadership position in the world. And somewhere in the like seventy to eighty percent of the respondents said, yes, the US should be gauged world Chevaliers position world, and those numbers are going up interestingly in the Trump era, those numbers are going up not down. So I do think that Americans do understand that an investment in the world in trying to address problems that exist out in the world redounds to our benefit. It's an investment in our own security as much as it's an investment in the conditions of others around the world like the problem is like with all things. Like that. It's in a more investment, if you put a certain amount of money into a country to help them build up a certain business, then they can trade with us. You can see that over time on a graph. But this idea of American influence throughout the world over time. You don't see the loss immediately because it's not a balance sheet anywhere. Do you think the issue of whether or not we should be involved in the world is beyond debate? Whereas at legitimate thing that people should talk about it. It's one hundred percent legitimate. It's legitimate to question what we're doing? We're doing it Howard doing it. I think that's that is sort of the essence of democracy, right? The only reason the United States is involved in various countries various places around the world is because we are trying to essentially fulfill one of the requirements in our constitution to provide for our common defense. Right. That's why that's why we're out there. The people ought to have. Say in this. My view is that it is hugely in our interest to spend the time spend the money have the people overseas, but to do so in a way that we rethink on Qasim basis, and I also think it is it is critically important that we explain what we're doing not in abstract notions of, you know, American exceptionalism, or you know, whatever it is. But why it is that if we invest in the education of some girl in refugee camp in Syria, where we invest in anticorruption efforts in Central America that that that helps the United States both be more secure it helps our prosperity. And frankly, it helps the image of America in the world, which in as you say morpheus ways, but in ways that ultimately are very real. Helps to protect the United States. Easy question. Yeah. In sixty seconds. Explain how we solve all of our issues with North Korea through sanctions. So I think the Trump can take you can take seconds. I think the Trump administration has screwed this up to a fair that will. And by that. I mean, he says it's all fixed. Yeah. That's that's why screw up. Right. I will give credit to the Trump administration to some extent. For a limited time in what they were doing it to beginning of this ministration in ramping up sanctions on North Korea. And they built on a foundation that have been laid. But did some significant steps to enhance the pressure on North Korea and to bring in Chinese to the offered those those sanctions that isolation of North Korea was starting to work. You could see it starting to work. Then you have Donald Trump. Just jump into the breach here in a way to sort of claim glory in this Singapore summit, and it destroyed everything that had been being built, right? So he comes out of that summit first of all with a declaration with Kim Jong Hoon that is fool's gold. Right. It's disarmament declaration where there's no substance to it. He then tweets that we have solved the problem of a nuclear North Korea on his way back home. He's recently told us he fell in love with Kim Jong. I remember that it was very very touching and the effect of that was to completely undermine the sanctions pressure. That was being built the Chinese in particular. But also the Russians are now essentially, not working with us or not working with us to the degree that they were previously to put pressure on North Korea and Kim Jong Hoon has since that. Summit taking a couple of steps that are completely reversible. Ultimately meaningless in terms of restricting his program. He's insisted that he only will negotiate with Donald Trump. So you've got Pompeo..

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