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I would until you back in mid-march that the best pitcher Amman thin. At any of the midst daughters would be Stephen Matt's. I don't think that would have been the answer. I would have expected from post to be. Would have been checked the ground. Maybe I would have got a couple of Noah syndergaard's, baby. I go to a couple of wheelers. But here we are a month in the year and student that's been best starting pitcher. If you take out that don't of a performance against the Philadelphia Phillies win, Stephen mats. They make out at first inning, all the other. So it's been pretty good. And you think about Sunday's game. The Mets went into Sunday's game really needing a win. Why were they in dire? Need of a win. Well thing about it from us back to back games in which Jacob degrom. Syndergaard get show lack to Graham, and I don't know why in the world is trying game at ten o'clock at night on Friday. I thought that was asked on I thought it made. Absolutely, no sense. I thought that was a monumental lapse in judgment by everybody involved should have been a day-night doubleheader regardless of what was going on with Noah Syndergaard game of thrones bobblehead play the game at one o'clock when it's nice outside. Then you have everybody clear out of the building. Seven o'clock. Start you go from there. That's the shoot have done. They didn't and the ground should have started that game on Friday night. I don't know if the injured list three hour rain delay just not very wise, not very practical. That said to ground did not do the job. He pitched poorly. Mets lose that game going away. Saturday's game, and we spent a good amount of show yesterday. Giving it to Noah Syndergaard and taking Noah Syndergaard to task for the way, he has pitched this year because. He went into the year talking to begin. Sticking up for guys as far as contracts. Complaining about the Mets going to Syracuse. Fighting people on Twitter blocking people on Twitter doing all sorts of nonsense. Senator grand all totally fine. But you gotta back that baby up every fifth day when you're out on the mount Syndergaard has taken on this persona. Like you've wanted to best pitchers in baseball. And the reality situation is this over the last three years he's not pitch like one and this year a month a year, he's a mediocre starting pitcher. Not a guy who one of the premier pitches in sport. Now when you pitch into a sixty. And what I'm concerned about with Syndergaard. The fact that. He can't put anybody why the fact that ninety five ninety six ninety seven we'll show hit -able. It's not going deep in games is getting hit way too hard. Which starts that is that good dominant. Noah Syndergaard, should not be this back. So it's time to wake up and the story. I said this now for month he has been a bitter disappointment to start off this year. It's time to get your head out of your rear end and stop making excuses and find out one I'm doing wrong. Why can't put his away? And why I'm going to do a better job? The next time out that we've got. Oh. And when I look at big disappointments amongst this twenty nine thousand nine Mets season a month in I put Noah's thing to go right at the top of the list. And if you asked me right now, if all the met fan who would I be more concerned about a month into this year? Is it Jacob degrom? Is it Noah Syndergaard to me? It's an easy answer that question. Is Noah Syndergaard going away? Because Jacob degrom Cy Young last year. Jacob degrom had to dominant stores Fisher. We've not seen that from Syndergaard. And degrom is also coming off a year when he was the reigning Cy Young winner syndergaards coming off two injury-plagued seasons. Yeah. You have a lot of reasons to be very very concerned about the artist formerly known as store, you can have the superhero nickname star time to stop for like superhero. Because I now you're performing now like somebody should be sitting on the throne you perform like one at a has inside a one of the lower tier characters that you're gonna find on game of thrones, son. I'll take your pick. I'm only in the second season. So I gotta get more. Well, I thought it was one of the things you need to pick me up. You got one from Stephen. It was terrific. When he gives up the two run home in a Mike Masako Dona top half. Seventh-inning you say, wow, the Mets gonna get swept in this series. And that's when the Mets took advantage of a break. JD? Davis comes up caught in the bottom. Half of the seventh inning Tomas Nido who gets called up for the departed China star. Now pulls it open in the bottom half of the eighth inning. And the Mets now salvage the third game in this series. They stay over the five hundred Mark this division is hotly contested. And now it's time to go to work against Cincinnati Reds. Cincinnati Reds not gone off to start this year. Very mediocre team done to go to work in Cincinnati. This pony weekend. And what you're trying to figure out is why can't more than met starting pitches. Performed the way. Stephen Matt's is performed. Yeah. I know I feel like I'm going to bizarro world. Uttering a phrase like that at two eleven in the morning. But that's where we're at the west orange eaten Jones says he's on a foul is up eight then. I mean, I have to say similar concerns about Daniel Jones the draft spot. I honestly think after the reports came out concerning Washington and Denver would have selected a quarterback before pick seventeen. I think you can't blame Gettleman for that move. I think the jury's out on anything. I will blame him on that move because it's not quarterback. I would have taken that to me is the biggest problem Daniel Jones in what world on what planet would you evaluate players in this draft and have him as the sixth highest rated player in his trapped where eaten anywhere from anybody. Who does this for a living from any of these draft guys? Did you see Daniel Jones is the fifty to six rated player in this draft. I it's not been seen anywhere. But the giants organization the they see something in Jones that other teams could have possibly seen it. We don't know what was going on. That's doba. Let me ask you this question. What have the giants done with Dave Gettleman over the last year and a half two years that would give them that benefited down? I mean, what have they done that would lead you to believe? Wow. They really have a good grasp. They really have a good plan for when it comes to building a football team. Because I certainly don't see it. Well, we haven't seen. We haven't seen cattleman experience with quarterback. So I mean, there's not much to judge based off of that. That's totally fair. I totally get that anything. Here's the bottom on. We can dissect this until the cows come home. Do I think the giants reach for Daniel Jones. I certainly think they reached do. I if I run a football team. Look at a guy like Jones and Sansa guy wanted six seventeen to be my future franchise quarterback. No, I would not have that sort of Pinon. Here's how workout for the New York Giants, and you and I both Mel he's got to be a top notch quarterback in this league for this draft pick to workout. Daniel Jones has to drive. He can't be mediocre. He can't be Andy Dalton the Ryan tannehill. He's gotta be premier player at the position. If you take into mid six, that's the standard. Well, they're all, but they're also have to look at the comparison with guy there've been pushing comparisons with guys like Carson Wentz who was taken who is similarly from small school was taking number two overall. And he's doing I would sign right now if you're going to tell me Daniel Jones gonna perform like Carson Wentz, I be jumping for joy. Here's.

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