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You're the Rams, they're the number one defense and so you've got to take advantage of that, and Jared Golf was not going to get them there. Matt Stafford. I have no doubt that he got in there one other time. But dear golf was stagnating. He couldn't throw the ball downfield in that first rate and Sean McVeigh because he knows that his offense can click on all cylinders. If you got a quarterback who is not afraid and has accurate, throwing the ball downfield, jerkoff doesn't possess that. Kiki and Tierney three Eastern Noon Pacific afternoons on CBS Sports Radio. Jr tells it like it is, I'm not gonna punish role rivers for not having won a Super Bowl. There's only a handful of quarterbacks over the past 20 years who legitimately have been is good as spill rivers for his longevity, his ability his stats for what he's done. Go Rivers deserves to go into the Hall of Fame. But J R Sport brief evenings 10 P.m., Eastern seven, Pacific on CBS Sports Radio. Get to know Tiki and Tierney. There's no rule that says the lines couldn't flip got that They wanted to good point. You never know If somebody that wanted to shore Watson swings and misses, and suddenly there's desperation. You never know what the market could yield. But we told you this months ago that this will be the most volatile off season in terms of movement at the quarterback position, and it's gonna be one fun Hell of a ride. See Keone Tierney, three Eastern Noon Pacific afternoons on CBS Sports Radio. Mothership madness in the morning with G A birthday butts to sniff. That was pretty exciting for them. They did tell me they played the limbo all the dogs yesterday and it kept lower the bar. They kept going on there. I don't know how this works different. That was the big game in the first point. This actually happened yesterday happened somebody Instagram. It happened. Then they played spin the bottle, but whoever won actually just drink out of the toilet first. The D a show morning 6 to 10 Eastern on CBS Sports Radio. There's only one Jim role. There is not another organization under the shield that operates quite like the L A Rams. They pull the trigger and they make that deal from Matthew Stafford. He's coming to L. A. In exchange for Jared got our first rounder in 2022 1st rounder in 23, a third round pick this year. I could not love that or respect at any more than I do. Stafford's an incredible fit. And that is any enormous swing for the Rams gym Room Noon eastern 9 A.m. Pacific on CBS Sports Radio. It all starts with just one thing.

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