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At least 200 scientists have signed a statement from the Cambridge working group saying that it is gain of function. Well, it is not. And if you look at the grand and you look at the progress reports It is not gain the function Despite the fact that people tweet that so right about reports sending money to the Wuhan Virology Institute. We do not send money now to 100 reports sending money We did under your tutelage. We were sending it through eco health. It was a sub agency and a sub grant. Do you support the money from NIH? That was going to the Wuhan Institute. Let me explain to you why. That was done. Okay. So first, we're not spending any money. Well, you did through You go ahead and let me explain why we sent the money. So he lied right there, at least got caught up in his own answer. But now here's the latest newly released documents provide details of US funded research on Corona viruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The intercept is obtained more than 900 pages of documents detailing work of Eco health alliance at the Chinese Lobster Sounds like Rand. Paul had access to these documents when he formed his his questions there for an Tony Fauci. Anthony's actually 100% tonight. It unequivocally denied any of this. Is there any way now to look at this story and not see and reach the conclusion that Anthony Fauci, in fact right there lied to Congress under oath. I can't imagine any way that you would look at this that he wasn't lying. I mean, when you read through the documents, it becomes pretty clear that they were actually creating coronavirus is using different pieces of different, naturally occurring coronavirus is to make one that was more infectious to humans. This, according again to Richard Ebright, who's at Rutgers University Said that they found the novel laboratory generated Corona viruses were, in fact more pathogenic to the humanized mice, then the starting virus from which it was constructed. And in the second, This virus starts to spread in January. No Anthony Fauci is the tip of the spirit is the point person. He's doing all the media he's doing all of these. These press conferences from the West Wing, explaining what we should do what we should be worried about how we should handle. This, of course originally is that although we shouldn't really worry about this, it's over in China is contained. It's not going to come here. There's not going to be problem then. Of course, it was a problem. You don't have to wear a mask, though. Please don't wear a mask. Oh, it turns out Oh, gosh, you're evil. If you don't wear a mask all of these things, Anthony Fauci is the point person on all of it. And all that time he had a pretty good Working knowledge of this lab and the exact investigations and experimentations they were doing. And at no point did he step up and say, Oh, by the way, we have a pretty good handle on exactly what they're doing over there in Wuhan, and and I know they're telling us that this just occurred naturally. But maybe it didn't because your tax dollars went to fund this kind of research over in China. And I don't know if people remember this. But there was a a big hollow blue at the beginning of the pandemic about the fact that the Trump Administration had pulled researchers from some of those labs in China in Wuhan, and it turns out according to these documents that this coronavirus grant gain a function research. Was ended under the Trump administration. So back then, the problem was that we apparently weren't doing enough research in China on coronavirus. Right now we're starting to realize Or at least it's becoming more evident through the, uh Documents that are coming out that that may have been very well been the start of the pandemic. There's three aspects of the story that are of grave concern. The number one and continues to be the most dominant aspect of this story is we need to get a handle on how this happened. People who say Oh, it doesn't matter at this point mystify me. We need to know how this happened. And how responsible China is the communist government in Beijing how responsible they are not only in there either negligence to let it out or their willful, uh, actions to let this thing out. We need to be able to know what they continue to lie about it and claimed that they have no understanding or no idea how this virus got out, and clearly that is not the case, either. They continue to not cooperate. That's the problem and focus with regard to China. But secondly, we also known need to know who within our government knew about this and continues to lie about it. Anthony Fauci in that political aspect of it, that's the second prawn and Rand Paul, the senator who's been on top of this. He was on Hannity last night. You hear what he had to say..

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